Hi there,

I have a couple of announcements about the British Unicycling Convention on the
3/4/5 September this year.

The pre-reg form has a slight mistake on it, well quite a big one. But it is to
the convention’s advantage… We decided quite a long time ago that we would
try and encourage people to come along and support the convention, you know soak
up the atmosphere, learn to ride etc. but not pay full price. Well the pre-reg
form has not included this discount. The correct prices are:

Riders Weekend Pass @ £20.00 Saturday Only @ £12.00 Sunday Only @ £ 8.00
Non-Rider Weekend Pass @ £ 8.00 Saturday Only @ £ 3.00 Sunday Only @ £ 3.00

Accommodation in beds is £8.00 per night, per person (rider or not) Camping for
participants is free. The RTF file on the web is now corrected.

The other thing is that the T-shirt design is out another one of Martin Bedfords
superb designs, have a look:

If you would like to purchase one, they will be on a high quality heavy weight
tshirt, for details please email ali: ali@tugger.globalnet.co.uk

Full information about the event is available at: