Buc 2008

Any body got any info on when where or if there is going to be a BUC in 2008time seems to be getting on?

Well there is always BJC if there is no BUC.

I know it’s not quite as unicycle friendly but I’m sure that plenty of fun can be had there.

This coming year it is being held in Doncaster which is just out of the peak district so there should be plenty of opportunity to go for Muni rides and UDC normally have a stall so you will still be able to check out all the latest toys.


30-40 miles / just under an hours drive away from the Peak District in the middle of a relatively flat area no?

Is there going to be somewhere indoors for the freestyle unicycle people / hockey players? If so that’ll be really cool, I really want to get to BJC this year anyway, and if there was some decent unicycling it’d be a bonus.


Damn my geography is getting worse. I always think of doncaster as being just round the corner from sheffield which is right on the edge of the peak district.

Sorry about that.

As for your other questions the answer is I don’t know. I am going to BJC but I am nothing to do with the organising team so I don’t know.

All information in my previous post was public domain (BJC is in Doncaster) and my poor geography (Doncaster may not be as close to the peak district as I though and may not be as hilly as I remember)


orite guys, what the newest on buc for 2008 i wanna come

Buc not

Time is getting on no mention of a buc 2008. I think it must be off this year.

Hmmm, this is nae good.

Maybe speak to Roger 'bout this.


Hmmm, this is nae good.

Maybe speak to Roger 'bout this.


It could stll happen later in teh year. doesn’t have to be in April. used to be in August or sept.

I think BUC would be much better in summer. Less chance of shitty weather then, which seems to plague BUC.

Has anyone offered to host BUC 2008 yet or is it still free for anyone to have a go?


AFAIK its open to offers. talk to Roger DAvis or Paul Royle for up to date info tho.

I’d be willing to offer some time/effort for this, but I’m afraid I can’t offer a venue (at least not for anything but xc muni). If anybody knows a suitable venue and wants some help with anything then let me know (bearing in mind I have pretty much no experience of organising big events).

It seems like RTL has pretty much killed off any interest in anything else - it’s all people seem to care about this year.


I am the same as Rob. I am willing to help out and Leo is too, although we have no experience at all of organising anything (Even ourselves!). We talked about this last night and Leo suggested that his college might be a good venue. He was going to find out about seeing if we could use it for an event such as BUC.

Shuttleworth College

The grounds

In fact, I just found this page on their site.


Well I know a school that would be pretty good, one big sports hall ideal for hockey, a mid size gym for general riding, a big assembly hall with stage and parquet floor for freestyle, the show and the cedilah, Hardstanding/tarmac tennis courts for street/trials, big fields for camping, a cross country running course for muni riders local pubs, loads of open space.

Problem is I am 140 miles from it and I’m too busy with something else to organise a BUC.

If anyone in the Wigan area wants to have a look at it, it is “The Byrchall High School” on warrington road.

If not this year it might make a good venue for one in the future.


I’m glad you included the most important piece of information.

Personally, I think it should be held in Cathwood’s house.

I bagsy the sofa.

Well obvioulsy I would but there’s only one shower and I don’t think Sam would give up his stage for any shows. :slight_smile:

I live in sheffield so I’ll definately be at the BJC. The flying teapots circus group that I go to organised it.

I havn’t heard much about BUC

Are many unicyclists going to the BJC? I heard that there will be a good trials course.

BUC is now deffinitely on, search for a recent thread announcing probable dates and location.

I’m going to the BJC.


hasn’t this thread been jacked?