BUC 2008 - bad news

We unfortunately have had to postpone BUC due to the venue falling through.

We are working on new venues but it is very unlikely to happen in August, we are now looking at October.

Many apologies, I hope we can work something out to keep everyone happy.

BUC Committee.

That’s a real shame, I’m sorry to hear it. Good luck with finding somewhere new.
I know Madeleine will be over the moon, as she was unable to come in August, and I’m sure there’ll be others too :slight_smile:

:frowning: Noooooooooo

Sorry for all your hassle (i mean lovely job, won’t have to cancel the wedding now :wink: )
Good luck finding somewhere new, hope you stick with the South as it’ll be my first one if I can make it. Any MUni rides planned?

I’m sorry to hear that, but at the same time, I was unable to make it in August due to Unicon travel. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it if its abit later.


Aaah thats a bit anoying, longer to wait. hopfully it wont rain. At least it will give more time to practice and make a vid and stuff.

that sucks,… guess the hockey season is gonna be even longer now LOL. Same time, if more people can make it, better!

Cya there joe!

see you at unicon… did you get my PM?

Maybe ill make a video for this BUC :slight_smile:


Dayum, I was looking forward to a warm and dry BUC :frowning:

No GKMac = No GKMacDiscothèque :astonished:


Were is it going to be? (quick search go me nothing :o )

That’s what’s got me pissed off.


I believe if the proposed venue hadnt fallen through they wouldnt have allowed the disco anyway :angry:

thats a bit annoying i couldnt beleave it when it was 40 mins from my house

double bugger

they sound too strung up…

obv they havnt seen any pictures of a GKMacDiscotheque!

Maybe a nightclub would be the best venue for BUC 2008?