Buc 2006??

Hi all,

As there is nothing yet on UDC UK calendar, just wondering if anyone knows of who is planning/organising BUC next year? any possible dates? location? etc

Cheers all


The word on the street is that it’ll be in Scarborough at about the same time as last year.

See you there!

Cheers guys!

GK…I couldn’t make it to the Kidderminster UniMeet, Kiddy Harriers were playing…can’t miss the football!


Any further news yet?

I would block in the first weekend in May if I were you. Steve will do the official announcements soon.



Slightly closer to you than Billingham though…

Cheers Roger!

This is going to be a close one whichever weekend it is! Me and Rach are going away for a week 22-29 April, then BUC is speculated for one of the two following weekends! Looks like I need to convince the boss to give me some more time off!

Isnt Bjc at Wadebridge? or Bodmin or somewhere like that? there’s nothing there!

CAnt wait :smiley:


115 miles away from me to be precise.

Either a very long days ride, or time to get out the bivvi bag…

I’d like to post a quick reminder that if I manage to go to BUC, I’m offering free beer to the person who rides the furthest to BUC (unsupported during the ride, although I don’t mind people taking your hockey stuff or whatever there for you). Assuming I ride there, this’ll mean riding more than 115 miles.


The important question here is: How much free beer?

Correction… I got it wrong it is as Paul Royal said it will be the 2nd weekend of May. 12th to 14th May 2006. I just talked to Steve and he was saying that they were waiting for the final confirmation and that only came through last week. He will do the official annoucement soon.


Errrm, an amount dependent on how skint or not I am at the time and how much you want to drink at BUC. Beer, vodka, cider, meths or whatever your preferred alcohol is as long as it isn’t super expensive whisky or vintage champagne or whatever. A significant quantity of the above.

After 100 miles of riding, you’ll get drunk on a pint or two anyway. Especially if it’s a pint of vodka.


According to Multimap it’s 215 miles from my house. Two days or three? :wink:

The route shown above is mostly up the A1 which doesn’t sound much fun, it’ll probably be even further by less dangerous roads.

Wow, that would be well and truly deserving of a pint (or six).

I’d say 3 days cos you’d not want to be tired when you got to BUC, you want to save some energy for the hockey. Actually, maybe you should go flat out and try and do it in two days, maybe make lunis be not so good at hockey. If you could arrange for Jonny and Barry to ride up too that’d be great!


I’ve been trying to persuade Barry to ride up, but he’s not convinced. I’ll keep trying :slight_smile:

BUC 2006 Official Announcement!!

Hi Fellow Unicyclists
At last!! The official announcement that the BUC 2006 will be held in Scarborough. Details below! I’m sorry this has taken so long but with one thing and another (being ill with a flu bug for nearly 6 weeks doesn’t help!!) getting people to confirm things is so frustrating!!

12th – 14th May 2006

Pindar School & Leisure Centre
Moor Lane
North Yorkshire
YO11 3LX

There will obviously be more details soon on the website, but for now put the dates in your diaries and book the time off if you have too.
There will be all the usual things plus some amazing Muni-rides. Watch this space…OK you can stop watching it now!

If you need more info and you can’t wait, contacts are below

Steve Grainger – stevegrain@aol.com - 01386 550260 (Office), 07970 107845 (Mobile)


Steve Roper - steve@scarboroughjuggling.co.uk - 01723 502000 (daytime), 01723 364949 (evenings and weekends)


Graham Hudson

Graham works as a teacher in the George Pindar Community Sports College

Hurrah. It’s in my diary.


Well ill be travelling up :smiley:

Well if you want :stuck_out_tongue: