Buc 15, 2008

Hi Everyone,

Just to let you know BUC will be on this year!

We have a venue and a date pencilled in and will finalise the booking soon. At the moment we are in the process of getting the committee together so if anyone wants to actively help out with the organisation that might be useful. We’re looking for people to put in some time before the event and then others who will volunteer to help out on the day. If you have the time and feel you could contribute to the success of BUC then please PM or post here.

We have created this username so that any of the BUC team can update people and you know that if we respond it is likely to be an accurate answer from someone who knows.

More info coming soon!

BUC15 Team.

Where is it going to be?


Very good news, keep us posted.

internet cafes my brother, or texting pm me your number and uill let you know when we know dates and locations if you like well done buc team glad to be part of it

Any idea on location?

Rough area will do if y’all are being secretive.


yes yes, thats blessed can’t wait for this spot of heaviness- me love my BUCs!! dates are need to know business so’s i can book days off from work but SERIOUS, if last year was anything to go by, its sure to be epic!!:smiley:

Location, location, location?

Ok, due to popular demand and the fact that if I don’t say this now it’ll be a week before I get another chance…

Proposed location: Ardingly, West Sussex, south of London, north of Brighton, near South Downs and Gatwick Airport

Proposed Dates: August 23rd to 25th, Yes that’s the bank holiday weekend and it being summer means only a 95% chance of rain!

Now that I’ve said this let’s hope that the place doesn’t let us down like the last 4 did! Fingers crossed please!

Woo hooo…

It’s like you folk are psychic. I’m moving to Brighton next week.

How bally convenient.

Not very far from us! and its more likely not to be wet in August! Big arse BBQ and drinking games anyone?

I’ve never had barbeque’d arse before but if you’re game then I am.

Ah man I have a bad feeling that Im going to be at the lake district and wont be able to make that. I will find out :frowning:

Read that ‘game’ as in ‘shot animals’ and it seems like spiralling canibalism…

Coming hot on the heels of UNICON14, August should be fun.



At least it’s only a four-hour drive to the Gatwick area instead of an eight-hour drive to Stockton like it was last year!


Stop being so bloody miserable Gavin! Ill text you and let you know :slight_smile:

Ouch, that is far…

Could you fly to Luton Jason? I wouldn’t mind picking you up from the airport if you wanted to come down with us.
Thats if the van is running (Which it should be by then) and you don’t mind being in the same space as 2 major idiots for an hour or two.


Dude, that would be a massive help. Ofcourse I will pay my way, good to get a mini road trip on too.

Cheers man, I appreciate it.


Thread jack to the extreme of a jack hammer, jase u still remember hockey tomroow yeh, so up for it its unbelievable, i love this location for BUC