BUC 15 2008 Countdown!!!

Well we don’t know when it is yet but we know its happening can i get a hallelujia! woop woop
So whos up for freestyle advance/beginner
Trials i vote we get ryan or tom a british passport so they can take the title from Joe. Baxter lol
Hockey- come on you penguins home tournament

Drinking games?

Is it happening?

I thought there wasn’t one this year?


I found the thread.



come on people get involved on the countdown!!!

carol vorderman.

Street for Life!
Trials and freestyle possibly for the weekend…

I’m in!!! Oh wait… its on the other side of the world. Funny that.

Can’t wait! I want to put a bit more effort into the trials comp this year. Will be good to see everyone again!


Theres a small chance I may be going to the lake district, I guess I will only know when the final date comes out :frowning: Im definatly gunu be there if I can make it. If Im up in the lake districk I may still come, I will see.

WWWOOOOOO BUC xD Bring it on xD


Who’s competing this year? Want loads of people in Street plus please make sure a couple of folks are riding Freestyle, Lucas has had it too easy for too long.