BUC 14 - People's Experiences!!

Malicious is a bit strong me thinks, I’m sure you just interepreted it worse than it was. No one would wish an injury on you. Maybe Lucas would on me… but I would wish the same :slight_smile:

Wow, thats a bit harsh, Roger was probably very busy all weekend and blaming him for this isn’t really nice. And I’m very sorry about the camera, that is very unlucky, I didn’t have the best start to BUC either though! If anyone recalls a certain wallet incident… :roll_eyes:

If anyone else has anything this negative to say probably just best to post it straight in the trash.

The Wheel-walking did happen, but I think the only problem there was, was with where they were. (Waaaay to many “w’s” for me…)

But I think that the idea of a blackboard is quite good, yeah.

I (again) loved all of it, ('cept the wallet!). I couldn’t fault it at all, loved it.

I also loved all the videos Kevins rocked and yours Norry’s, and Jas’ and the Qu-ax and Edds (sorry if I miss anyone!). I am relieved that Joe H’s and my vid worked, I loved it!

Who’s chips are those?


Lucas raped me.

It belongs to me.


My first BUC, and I think it was awesome!

I hope to get a fair bit of practise in before the next BUC, on both my risers and my unicycle.

It was awesome watching everyone that performed, there was some pretty awesome skills/tricks shown off.

my computers too slow to load the pics … :frowning:

had a great BUC, it was my first and i was so excited on the way there i was acting like a 6 year old!

really loved:
meeting so many people and putting faces to forum names and avitars and being able to socialise with everyone and talk to loads of really cool people, i made lots of new friends which is great (hello everyone!).
being complimented for my goalkeeping skills (we could have lost sooo much worse!!) and hearing the crowd everytime i saved a goal (lots when lucas was around! :smiley: )
the muni ride was awesome!! (sorry i got people lost…)
learning about street was great, and you guys who competed are brilliant!
the press up game was great!! i only got got once but i got everyone else soo many times! we even carried it on on monday night at the pub and got other playing - hilarious!
having food cooked for me was a luxury
the singing creatures on the udc stall were great - i want them all!
playing ping pong with steve and kevin - i still have a lump on my head!!
getting an awesome coker!! :smiley:
being able to show off my awesome bruises and tell everyone here about the weekend

not so good bits =
not enough sleep.
playing against DUC at hockey (nothing personal, it was just quite painful and slightly stressful coz we were doing so badly)
the washing i now have to do and the work i now have to catch up on.

All in all - i want more!!

will try to get the vid i made uploaded at some point. duno how or when though. (thanks for remembering it so well mike:p )

looking forward to another time when we can all be together again and have more fun!


I had a great time too. It was also my first BUC/

It was a very wierd weekend. If people doing country dancing on unicycles wasn’t strange enough, we had a bright orange bloke getting into a balloon

The trials looks like great fun but I don’t think I’ll ever manage that but I liked hockey and I will be trying that again.

The only other photos I have are of Southampton losing at hockey.

Anna mentioned “the forum” and so I thought I would come and have a look. It then looked familar so I tried to log in and found that I was registered and last logged in in December 2004. As it took me over two years to make my first post, I suppose I’ll see you again in 2009.

I wouldn’t be so hasty, Negative reviews whilst they may be upsetting for some people they also give the people who will be running next years event the a good idea about what needs to be done differently.

If everyone just says it was good then nothing will get changed, if people say it was good but I didn’t like this aspect of it then maybe next year they will try something different.

I think that is why if anyone reads rec.juggling you will notice convemntion reviews are done very differently. There conventions are reviewed in the format “High, Low, Goal, Crush, Bane”.

This gives people a number of different options for saying things about the convention and as a lot of juggling conventions are annual events organised by the same people they can learn what people do and don’t like and alter the next event to more how people want it to be.



the little bit of footage i took when i wasn’t snakeboarding, playing hockey, on the courses, racing, knife-throwing, or otherwise having a wicked time! :smiley:

p.s. gk- i have you on video eagerly anticipating the arrival of the street course- don’t lie- you know you must have had some moments of pure buc pleasure!

Nice one AJ. Nice to see some bits from the first day which we missed.

Is that Mike cable reel walking rather well?

AJ your videos always rock and that was no exception. I love the Kit dance :slight_smile:

mmmhmm… i don’t think the you tube version is showing everything (although it might just be my computer…

yeah, that is Mike-who-lost-more-money-than-i-did-getting-to-billingham Swarbrick, doing the expert cable reelwalking

It was 4.02 minutes long.

Is that right?

AJ the youtube video is longer than the gallery one (which I downloaded) and it seems to cut after about 3mins? (the gallery one that is).

yeah the full length of the video should be…

04:02 according to my computer…

i’ve been having a bit of trouble with uploading, but i might release another version (from another link) which will hopefully work properly

i gotta go to work, but this unicyclist.com gallery link should work now…

A few of my photos and 3 short movies.

Remember this?
From what I can remember, Lars was sickeningly good at riding it, considering he’d never tried before.

anymore pics or videos? Any chance of getting the first run up?


did anyone film my competition piece of freestyle really cool to see it, if anyone got it or even half of it as a couple of you appear to have got lol

Edd’s got it, he said he was uploading it today.

Thanks to all the organisers, I had a great time. Got to do some trapize for the first time, which was fun, played lots and lots of hockey then ended the weekend with a fun Muni ride. And there was other stuff in between which was also good (you get out of it what you put in).

Oh and did I mention the hockey :wink:

Ok guys,

Im having trouble getting the rest of my pictures in the gallery, but I have managed to upload Lucas’s freestyle routine! Heres the links:



Its not the best recording, but I dont think anyone else filmed freestyle this year.


Rock on!