BUC 14 - People's Experiences!!


I thought it would be good to start a thread on what people have to say about this years BUC.

Anyone have any stories to tell?

Pictures / videos to post?


buc 14

just got back from buc had a brilliant time ,food really great ,show-trials-street-muni-all great[i was sorry to miss the freestyle too much going on]
big thanks to the organisers & all the friendly people .

Can somebody upload the video competition videos? I am mostly interested in Joe Hoedges.

buc was amazing.

the street comp was so much, everyone was out there giving it a good shot, trying there best.

all the people who went made the convention, fun and friendly (and some of them rather drunk)

laters Dale

Dale whistle


I had a great time from all for our us (Lucas, Brendan and Emrys currently at my house).

Just about to look at the videos… might get some uploaded…


I also had a great time. Definately worth the 3 hours drive there and back. Sorry if I never got to say bye to everyone but just wanted to thank Roger and the crew for organising it as best they can, Connie for throwing together the street comp, Amanda, Dale, Mike, Lucas for a great weekend full of laughs, lots of street and plenty of press ups, Kevin, for laughs on the street course and lots of new Canadian phrases to confuse my friends with, oh and the Kevin pro rider shirt that I “willingly” bought. Into the Blue, sorry didn’t catch your name, for being openly Welsh and Neil for a warm welcome. Thanks to Joe Hodges for telling me " I thought your video would be sh*t but it was really good", Dustin for asking me for a goodbye hug and finally AJ for letting me borrow his helmet.

Great weekend guys, can’t wait to see pic/vids.


I had a BUC’ing great one. Cheers to all who contributed to making it happen. Where else can you do a bit of knife throwing, have a huge trials course to play on and stay up all night flying radio controlled aeroplanes while drinking pina colada?

It was nice to catch up with familiar uni-folk and meet some new ones too. And how great are geordie accents!

Cheers all.


Aaaaahahahahahahahah. That was sooooo funny hahahaha. I loved it, such a funny thing.

And yes, I loved the convention, came away with many things and really really has so much fun.

Loved it and almost everyone there. Thanks to all the organizers, I’m sure I’ll think of something more to say rather than just laughing at Kit when I am way more awake.


d’you reckon this’ll be big enough?

yeah, i had a wicked time- it’s a bit weird not seeing everyone rolling around anymore, but hopefully i’ll be able to make it to another meet soon!

can’t thank everyone specifically, because i’m sure i’ll miss someone out, but people i’d met before and people i met for the first time, you all deserve a pat on the back for making it such a wicked time!:smiley:


Hell yeah! this was a great one! I.v got plenty of vids/pics of all the general fun stuffs lol, will upload when i’m awake an get time. Just like to thank all ye who organised it an made it happen especially Roger and Connie, cheers!
Nice to see old pals an meet new ones,
Hope to see all next year!


ooooh and thanks edd an jo for everythin!

Results? Any info for those across the pond?

Great weekend.
Firstly, apologies to everyone I incorrectly identified; the guy with the dreads for Kit (MrBoogieJuice), the Scottish guy for the other Scottish guy that Ivan wanted me to pass a message on to; Phil’s brother for Phil.
Strangely enough I spent very little time riding, and quite a lot of time getting drunk. Every time Cathwood saw me I had a bottle of beer in my hand! I have vague recollections of a football game on the first night, which had a forfeit of having to stand against a the gym wall bent over while the rest of the team took turns to wallop a football as hard as possible against your arse.
It will take weeks of counselling to erase the memory of Boogie’s chicken/Max Wall (ask your dad) impression. Eddie, burn that hoodie (also, Kit is the only person I have ever seen eat a hotdog with a knife and fork).
Big thanks to Neil (Norry) for being so friendly as soon as he got out of his car. Neil is one of life’s good guys. I’m only saying that because he let me have a go on his 29". And his 20". And taught me the proper way to freemount. And helped with my hopping. And showed me how to get back on to the A19 on Sunday.
I now officially consider myself to be a trials rider, as I managed to ride the see-saw on the course when no one was looking. (Woo-hoo!)
Nice muni on Sunday finished off a great weekend.
I’ve got some pictures on the camera, I’ll upload them Wednesday.

yehhh was great weekend. a big thanks to all the organisers. some highlights -
playing loads of hockey, though we did lose… a lot, but nevermind

the muni ride on sunday, was nice to outnumber bikes for a change:)

drinking game on sat night

the press ups!


Buc was awesome!

Really good to see existing friends and make some new ones! Was awesome to meet Kevin Mcmullin and judge street. Taking part in the trials comp was also cool, even though Leo totally kicked my ass! Lol! It was cool being told that I had improved, by Joe Hodges himself!!!

Got a few pictures of the trials comp taken by Pete (Cheers mate) and a few random ones, taken by me!

I have more, but the gallery is being really annoying.

Oh, and here is our vid from the video comp.

Part 1

Part 2

Sorry its in 2 parts, we couldn’t put them together!

Hope you enjoy it!

Rock on!

Cheers for putting your video online - i was looking forward to watching that again :slight_smile: Nice pics - I will post my lot when i get a moment to sort though the 400 or so!

Neil, ment to tell you but never had the chance, thought your video was great. Really well put together plus it was nice to see someone older than 18 trying unispins.

Well done mate.


P.S. Edd, that pic of my treflip turned out great, kevin is in shock in the background.

Cheers to everyone for a fantastic BUC, loved every minute of it, especially Lucas’s freestyle routine with his hilarious flourishes after he fell off, late night hockey at 9pm, LATE LATE hockey at 11pm, then LATE AS HELL hockey after roger appeared at about 1am friday morning. Friday nights football challenge, I was terrible at it but only got punished once :p. Drinking games on the first and last nights, only wish we’d all had more beer to play with, and more than 1 ping pong ball! The chicken impression, getting people doing pressups in a chip shop, Tesco, just after they’d done their street run, in the dinner queue and while being kicked in the middle of the drinking circle!

Low points were losing badly at the hockey and me losing my temper, Steve’s snoring and that singing ruddy giraffe.

It was great to see everyone, especially those I’ve not seen since Unicon or BUC last time, or in some cases even later!

And thats all from me, except to say LUCAS RAPED ME! :smiley:


Awsome with a capital W

That was crazy cool!

Unicyclists are so friendly, I make a trillion friends! It’s great to just be able to wander around and start talking to strangers. It was really great meeting all the riders who’ve been to NUTS too, just like seeing old friends!

I feel super stoked to get riding now, shame its raining!

Big thanks to everyone who organised it and helped out with getting it all running smoothly, especially with the trials course (lovely jubely!)

Anyone want an apple pie? Dale ;)?

Adios, Andy

Andy, well done on taking part in the street, even though you quite clearly didn’t want to.


that apple pie was good