BUC 14 Hockey Tournament Results

Well what a great tournament this was with a very high standard of play. More than 50 of the BUC attendees played in the tournament and there was even more people who I spotted playing hockey but didn’t enter the tournament. This is a very good sign for UK Unicycle Hockey.

Below is an image of the results (it’s easier than trying to format it on here) but first a word on the system used. Without the time for everyone to play everyone the teams that entered were split into two leagues of five teams based on past performances. League 1 had the better teams with the top three going through to the semi-finals and the top team from league 2 making up the other semi-finalist. This seemed to work quite well and ensured relatively fair and enjoyable games to play and watch.

One of the semi-finals was still a draw after extra time and had to be decided on a penalty system based on the one used in ice hockey.

thanks alot for putting these up i didnt get much of a chance to see what was happening with the other teams in amogst everything else that was going on. i was playing for tholthorpe and although we didnt win any it was still really good fun to play against such gud teams!!
thanks again for orgonising such a great tournament!!

We scored 9 goals? Blimey. Technically we were 3rd from bottom, as, according to the tables, we got better results than Stockton B and Tholthorpe, but I wouldn’t like to say we could beat Tholthorpe in a decider, so I’ll stick to the ‘2nd from bottom in League 2’. Great games had by all we played, and I have to say a formal apology for my demeanor and conduct. I got very stressed and didn’t just relax and play for fun. Won’t happen again. I hope.


Lunis, emus, emus in the top 3, the same as last year I think? Darn those Lunis, someone will have to beat them next year (or in the league!)


Last year I believe it was; 1st LUNI’s - 2nd EMU A - 3rd ?? - 4th EMU B (can anyone confirm?)

I was in EMU A last year and EMU B this year so I’ve been runner up to LUNI’s twice now, grrrr. So yes they need to be beaten, and I wouldn’t mind being in the team that does it :smiley: More practice me thinks.

Did we get 3rd last year? ‘4 old gits and a kid’; me, lucas, Steve C., Paul S. and Mark W. IIRC. We lost to the Lunis in the semis after being ahead at half time… or was that the year before?

… And the lunis were beaten by Horsham at Manchester and stuffed by a few German teams and Swiss Power at Unicon (I was playing for them so I wont go on about it) so it is possible :wink:

you lot wait till i start having kids im gona have 5 by the time im 22 so by the time there 15 ill be 37 still very much a power house and we will be the south west power team look out future lunis!

on a serious note thanks to organisers of hockey this year it worked well and everyone polayed well was good games

Found this on the camera…


And this…
I could tell you guys were serious because you had your own team t-shirts.


Last year was 1st Lunis 2nd Emu A and…

joint 3rd Nicks team and Emu B as I don’t believe that there was a 3rd/4th place play off last year

i like this photo, steve doesnt seem to realise the action is all going on behind him. shame the goalie’s out of shot in both of the pics tho :stuck_out_tongue:
as for the t-shirts, we thought they were necessary when we played at swum so we made them ourselves nice and cheaply :slight_smile: we dont all take it very seriously. im suprised we didnt lose though, until the last game we were absolutely thrashed, stockton B was much more of our type of game!

Thanks to everyone who took part. It’s always good when I don’t have to run around to find the teams who are supposed to be playing. I hope you all enjoyed it. My right hand little finger is in a splint now after the collision I had with Antoine in our first game (and he’s in my team). Its not broken, just slightly chipped.

I’m sure you’ll soon work out how to beat us. It’s certainly very possible.

I think you are right, Roland, but as unicus offered us third I’m happy to take it :smiley:


Thanks All, It was a great tournament!

Antoine, Lunis

What’s happening Nick?

You missed two hockey tournaments in Manchester plus the BUC???

I knew you were ski-ing for the Manchester tournaments. We missed you at the BUC.

Hope to see you soon anyway. We’re looking at dates for a scratch tournament in Manchester fairly soon.


p.s. I still can’t believe we were 2-1 up against the LUnis at half time last year. Shame it had a sad ending for us ‘old gits and a kid’.

I’m agreeing with Roland, you’ll have to share third :stuck_out_tongue:

I actually couldn’t remember the details from last year and I’d heard someone mention that EMU’s had done a bit better this year, which they did with not sharing third, and so I made an error in my assumption, doh. Good job I took a photo of this years results rather than relying on my memory.

Rocket: Hope your finger is fully healed just after the next tournament :wink:

Everything seems to be happening on the same weekends recently. It was really annoying to miss BUC and a bit of late night hockey. I shall try very hard to make the next Manchester evenets. I did also sneak off and get a bit more skiing in, so I suppose it’s my fault, really.

Mmmm. Thanks. :slight_smile: . Got to go and see the Doc tomorrow morning.