BUC 13 whos going?

hi all, im just trying to find out how many people from the forum are going to the buc this year, this is going to be the first year im going, also is there anyone who is going that could sell me a 19" wheel??? (full thing?)

im going

Me too. It will be my second.


wheres it being held at??

Scarborough, North Yorkshire.
for details.
I used to live in Scarbro and can confirm that the muni riding in the area is pretty good and very varied so every one should be able to find something totheir taste, from sea front pottles to family friendly traffic free flat stuff to mad down hill to big long XC.

I’m going, it’ll be my first so it’s all very exciting. How many people usually turn up?

Last year i think there was about 200? but i might be wrong

cool, that’s a lot of unicyclists!

I am going I think its my 3rd well up 4 it now you’ve got me excited

Well ill take you if you want :wink:

urmmm i wanna go now, dun no if i can though

Il be going, are they doing comps this year?

I wanna go but neither parants will drive me there.
Any one wanna give me a lift


Mike, if you can get upto Bristol i will.

Calum, yes there will be a trails comp and a freestyle comp for anyone thats interested.


There is much much more to BUC than the things you have mentioned here. I went to BUC last year and I could barely ride. I didn’t enter the trials or freestyle comps, I didn’t go on the Muni and I didn’t play hockey.

The thing with BUC is that loads of things go on at the same time. I rode almost all day. I went to various beginner’s workshops. I learned loads of stuff from other people. I learned my first fledgling hops. I rode with some new friends. I was completely submerged in unicycling for the weekend and it was wonderful. I think it influenced the path of my learning.

This year I am going to ‘dance’ in the ceilidh (or however you spell it) on my uni, I may go on the Muni and I will definately play loads of hockey. But most of all I will be imersed in unicycling, make some new unicycling friends and meet some old friends. I can’t wait.


i will go may be but it’s not sure because i go to UNICON and it’s too expensive for me

Last Buc i had a cast on which is quite annoying really but i decided to ride my unicycle anyway. Go to Buc even if you dont enter the trails or freestyle, Its a good place to meet people :slight_smile: hehe going to have my birthday party there this year :slight_smile:

It’ll be nice to meet you too Amanda. Although I do vaugly remeber you from last year. Us girlies were slightly outnumbered.


im going :smiley: its my third because the last two were held by my club :smiley:
cant wait !..although freezing to death in a tent isnt too appealing lol

I should be going this year, itll be my fourth (time does fly), i might enter the freestyle again, depends if i feel up to competing against amanda!

GK most people dont enter the freestyle or trials comps anyway. But you can still mess about on the trials course or trying out some freestyle, or whatever really!

I would like to know who you are cathwood :thinking: im sure ive met or seen you before but i probably didnt realise it!

see y’all there,