Buc 11

BUC 11, 23rd 24th 25th april… whose going?
and whose entering the freestyle?

hey north im going (still havent sent that pre-reg form off yet, its been on my desk for over a week now!)
heres a thread i started a while back withthe same question BUC 11

love to go but transport probelm again :frowning:


I will be going to BUC11 :smiley:

I don’t know whether to do the freestyle comp or not. I will see if it clashes with anything, and also if I can get a routine together in time… only 4 weeks!

REMEMBER: PLEASE send off your pre-reg ASAP, as we do need it! So far we have 3 people who have pre-reg’d (thank you) but we need more! This is our start-up money, but not only that, you save a few bob too!

Also, bring your armour (if you have any). You will only be allowed on the trials course if you have a helmet, leg/knee pads and gloves/wrist guards. There will be a limited amount of armour to borrow, but would be advisable to bring your own.

Thanks, and see YOU at BUC11


Lol I have to say i dont own any safty equipment to use for the trials course… I might enter the freestyle competition i dont know yet. I might do a routine but not enter depends whos doing it, i dont want to win lol :slight_smile:



One month from today! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait. 'Tis an awful long way from down here in the tropical south west, but should be worth it.

Must remember to go get a stamp so I can send this 'ere form in…


haha im not worried about the stamp its the cheque i need

safety equipment? pffft!!!
anyway, how are you boys from the southwest getting up there?
i was planning on driving, but it depends whether my cars fixed in time, but ive got spare seats if i am…

Yeah, we know quite a lot of you don’t have armour, but that is why we will provide a limited amount.

The only reason armour is compulsory is that is it one of the requirement by our insurers.


I’m driving up, picking up two others in Nottingham. It feels a bit silly, going half way just on my tod, but unless someone wants to cling to the roof the rest of the way that’s all the space there is…

After all, I have a shiny new car… :slight_smile:


ooooh, Phil has new car… :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: Buc 11

north wrote:
> anyway, how are you boys from the southwest getting up there?

If I can afford to go, I will be driving from Bristol.

Trevor asked me ages ago about a lift, but I would still have room
for one or two other people if anyone wants a lift from the Bristol
area, or somewhere on the route.

  • Richard

Hey Richard, just wondering when you will be setting off? Ive heard that they have aranged the performance’s on the friday the buc starts for the people that didnt get chance to do thier routine. So I will be able to go what ever time on the Friday.


i take it i can’t get a lift then?(phil)

I didn’t think you were going…

I’ve sent you an email.


i tried… i filled out the form and ‘left it acidentally’ on the table where mum would find it and i said i really really wanted to go and i would pay but she won’t take me :frowning:
When i can drive i’m going to every uni convention i can afford!

two of us here hoping to get there late friday, via trains. Probably send off the pre-reg form soon

yeah 2 of us maybe 3 (we taught our mate to ride in 2 days, wish i was that quick) are going, up by national express and getting there friday evening

Hey, glad to hear you guys are coming! :slight_smile:

I talk to a few people from the forum on MSN, but never met them in the flesh…

So… any ideas so we can recognise each other? Anyone actually want to do this? Personally, i think it would be rather useful.

My idea would just be a white sticky label with your username and real name on. You could wear it, or stick it on your uni.


yeah stickers is a good idea, seems to work fin for any school activity we have, like when the younger kids are having their induction days,
personallised t’s would be the dogs bllocks but i guess that would require to much oragisation and they would be a bit more expensive?
speaking of t shirts has one been designed and decided yet?