Buc 11

hey there people, im undecided about the BUC never been before and I was wondering whos goinh and what its like. hopefully i have that weekend free.

If it’s anything like BUC10 it will definitely be worth going to. Loads of unicyclists (way more than I was expecting), unicycles of all shapes and sizes piled high everywhere, hockey, trials without sufferering the evil glares of old ladies, muni, a fantastic show on the saturday evening, aaaaargggh!!! The list goes on…

You do get to meet loads of people from the forum, but if it’s anything like this weekend at Exeter you won’t realise it until you get back… :roll_eyes: I think a t-shirt with a picture of my legoman might be in order, although I’ve been saying that for ages.

Even though it’s millions of miles away up in the frozen wastes of the north it’s still worth the trip.


It is defiantly worth the trip!

We have been working our socks off to make this BUC the best ever!!!

For full details, see BUC11 website

So, who is going?
There was some confusion about who people were from the forum at the Exeter UniMeet… we will have to sort out some sort of identification. Maybe a sticker with your username on?

Phil, remember at the Durham convention (I think) we spent the whole day together, and it wasnt until after the show when we swapped email address, that we relised who eachother actually was, and we had been talking on MSN for ages before hand!!! LOL



Well ill be getting their late on the friday night sometime, bah have to stay and do a group performance at college. BUC 9 was better then BUC 10 because it had more of a family feeling. There was people at BUC 10 that i didnt see for the whole weekend because the site was so big!! Its a great chance to meet new unicyclists and learn skills. Also im sure ill be performing at Buc :slight_smile:


I’m going, it may be something like 300 miles away, but I’m going. I’ve even jacked my job in so I can go as they were not going to let me have that weekend off.

BUC is great fun, the more you put in the more you get out. Come along and join in with things, try things you never tried before and be sociable. Its a very sociable convention. And its very cheap, the pre reg price for an adult is only 30ukp and that includes indoor camping and three meals a day. Absolute bargin. I’m not going to BJC this year as its to expensive and too far away, but I’ll be going even further for BUC :slight_smile:


yeah i really wanted to go to BJC but im in thailand, even though this will be my 8th time out there, it was eiter that or stay with relatives in the UK and there s not much point in that beacuse i wont see my mates over easter, tight parents wont let me stay at home for 2 weeks, im 17! tschhhh.

On the other hand, Thailand might be warmer than Teeside in April. Try and get along to a uni meet sometime, they are like a mini BUC, just one day. One coming up in Kidderminster this month I think.

yeah i have decided that ill go to the BUC rather than the unimeet, (i was reffering to the BJC that i will not be here for), just been checking coach times, and i need to check a date with somebody, and if thats fine then i shall no doubt see you all there.

hows everybody getting there btw?

I shall be getting there by car, with my dad.

This year we will just be traveling 45 mins, instead of the 5hours it took last year to get to Kid.


Aren’t we the lucky ones!

if phil is going and can take me i will be going i will bring some milita t’s with me instead of taking a poster that i forget to put up like at exter uni meet.

We need some way of knowing who is who from the Forum!

Any good ideas? or just stickers?


if people who wanted militia t’s asked in advance i could do there unicyclist names on the back for like 20p extra?

Ben, that would be a nice touch, especially when you wear them to other conventions, but we (BUC11) are also selling ‘BUC’ tshirts, so I will be wearing the BUC one.

I think the names would be a good idea, especially for other conventions (am i repeating myself??)



<crazy multi-quote post; I’ve been revelling in nostalgia in Malvern the last few days…>

Wow… I thought buying a new car for BUC was hardcore, but I’ve been outdone!

Heh, yes… :slight_smile:

My current plan is heading up there on the friday afternoon, then (probably) coming back on the sunday afternoon, so I can only give a lift if you’re free to go then. Leaving any later, we’d either get there at some crazy time in the morning or on saturday, by which time we’d have missed stuff and I don’t want to do that.

Let me know…


Has the t-shirt been designed yet? I want to get my registration form in but am still undecided on wether to get a t-shirt. It would be cool but with some interesting financial logic if I don’t then I can let myself spend more than that on other unicycling related toys:) . But if it’s a cool shirt, I will have no choice.


Hmmmm not sure if I should answer this… ok. No, no fixed design yet, so if you have any suggestions, then feed them to us. :slight_smile:

But it will be a good t-shirt… :slight_smile:


Ah well, that’ll do, I’m persuaded. Only suggestions is to avoid writing with serifs. Wasn’t too fond of the text on the BUC10 T-shirts (sorry whoever designed them, if it helps the picture was good)


i want a personalised muni militia shirt now, but it means i gotta decide what i want, do i just have tom or do i think of some sorta nickname, prolly just go with tom.
i wish my instructor would hurry up and book my grading, i just itching to send off my registrtion form :slight_smile: