Bryan Stevens on BC Wheel at the Unicycle Lab

Hey there, The Unicycle Lab put up a sweet video of Bryan Stevens on their site. Check it out and leave some comments. Plus you could go to the post below and read the interview with me and get some great insight into life and all the social implications of my awesomeness. Leave comments on that too. I think the Unicyle Lab is an awesome site, so bookmark it and visit often!


Handrail on a BC?? Insane.

Isnt alot of that footage in the koxx dvd ?

That’s really old. Kaycee sent that to me over a year ago, and then it was still old.

But still, it’s so crazy. I hope Bryan still rides! Where are ya’?


He’s probably moved on and got himself a skateboard.

Very nice video. Some inspiring stuff in there, makes me want to bc right now.

i wish i still had the vid of spencer riding a handrail on his bc. him and evan were soo good. sucks bc never took off i think it had alot of potential


I think he’s already done that :wink:

wow , the grind on the handrail was awesome :astonished:

yeah, the handrail grind was insane!! :smiley:

who thats so cool!!! ive never seen something like that before :astonished:

I don’t know about that. I mean its cool and all, but I do not see much potential in BC riding.

you could do all sorts of grab tricks off ramps and stuff.Flip it around in the air and land back on.But we’ll only see that if people start riding them lots