Bryan Stevens BC Wheel Footsteps on normal Bmx Hub

Heyho…first my english isnt good :frowning: :smiley:

I want to built a bc wheel with the footsteps from the bryan stevens bc wheel, but i don´t know if they fit with a normal 14mm Bmx hub…does somebody have(has…i dont know :smiley: ) some experience with this footsteps?

Here’s an old thread. It suggests using a 14mm axle, but I know very little about BC wheels.

Yeah, they can go on any 14mm front bmx hub. You just slide them on the axle then thread on and tighten the bolt.

Okay thanks for for your fast answer :)…then i still can use my old Bmx wheel :D;)

Hmm another Question… :roll_eyes:

Can I order them to germany from this shop?I mean without call them and orders them, just create an account and order? :smiley: