Bryan steven with koxx !?

I was cheking the koxx-1 team and bryan stevens is there ! Was ther a thread already made bout this ? anyways, congrats dude ! :astonished:

I already posted about this in bc thread, but I dont think many people saw it.

I think Koxx was designing a BC wheel, which should be interesting if they do.

Go Bryan!!!

I saw that too, was interesting to see a new addition to the team. I also saw that Dan Heaton was on the team…since when? I know they have a Dan Heaton street model, but I never knew he was actually a sponsored rider. Anyone shed some light on this.
Would be nice to see the rest of the Koxx site filled out abit, seems to be a work in progress.


I know that Dan Heaton has been ‘with’ them for a while. He was one of the names on the back of a business card Koxx gave out, this was at the last BUC.

Don’t know about Bryan though! Great job Koxx!


B Steves big bro representin yall

i think he won the november picture contest he won a free t-shirt from koxx

i hope he doesnt pose naked for a picture on their website too

Ha, that would be illegal;)

their marketing idea hould be illegal too, make one basic unicycle then weld some radom cool shapes on it paint it an unusual color and charge us a million dollars for it

Haha, what uni have the welded random cool things to? The unis aren’t very expensive, it is stupid though that some color schemes cost more than others.