Brutal hit in Unicycle Football

The second half


You guys must leave a lot of skin on the asphalt.

Haha, that was awesome! Unicycle football should be added to the NAUCC schedule.

We definitely need to get more videos out there. We have over sixty players and about 14 cheerleaders/UniBrawdz. We will be on the Travel Channel for Edge of American in April.

Was he OK? I was concerned that he didn’t move much after the hit.

He acutally got up and scored a touchdown the very next play. We all thought he was dead for a second or two.

Cpl punishment here. Glad to see we are back on unicyclist! I posted about the ufl when it started but havent been back here in forever!

That really doesn’t look like a very good idea…

asphalt + unicycles + football + tackling = serious trauma

Do you guys jump off a roof into a kiddie pool for an encore?

I’m gonna stick to muni, it’s much safer :stuck_out_tongue:

This hit should have been a penalty. We play “flackle”. We wear flags, but you can flag guard so tackles are the norm. Our rule for tackles is to use the minimum force required to dismount the ballhandler. Usually this is just wrapping the runner up and trying to land on your feet protecting the other rider from a fall. Some of our riders have gotten so good however that the minimum force to dismount can be quite truculent.

Kinda off topic, but is anyone in the San Marcos unicycling community missing a 36er?

I’m not sure, but I’ll ask around the game tomorrow.

I would appreciate that immensely, thank you!

It doesn’t look too intentional to me but that has to be at least a major foul. I love contact sports but cringe when it comes to blindside hits.

Looks like this vid is getting picked up by tosh.0. I’ll let y’all know when we have an air date.


I asked the guy most likely to know and he didnt know of a missing 36.

Alright, thank you for asking!

Stupor bowl sunday is this weekend! for details.

Stupor bowl sunday is this weekend! for details.