how many people landing frontflips nowadays?

hello again btw.

OMG he’s back!!! everyones missed u man.

um i know of 3: adrien, that muni guy (cant remember his name) and im not sure if the 3rd guy is keeping it secret or not. thats all i know about atm.

hahaha, thanks bruss. i dunno, i might start up again, gotta get another tube cos i gave it to kevin last time we rode cos he popped his ahaha.

sweet, that’s pretty decent. i told ice break i’d attepmt it for a chance to win $5000 so far one of the finalists is a girl shaving her head… pretty sure if i attept it, not even have to land it i’d smash the comp.

Mike Parenteau, on a Muni :sunglasses:

I think I know who your talking about for the 3rd person

yea well i just thought of a 4th person who is also keeping it secret but ur prob thinking of the same person anyhow.

that would b way sick!! id def give it a go for $5000. adrien and one other secret person did theirs of a 10 pallet stack in case u were wondering.

ah yep thats the muni guys name