bruising on the inner thigh during seat out

I have been gradually working on seat out and I am bruising the ______ out of my inner thigh on both legs. I have a miyata saddle on my tuni. When I practice, it is usually gapping on flat from 1 to 3 feet, or up onto a parking bumper and off.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to get around this? After only 20 minutes, I have many dime-size bruises all over that area of both legs.

Occupational hazzard?


yeah, that happened to me as i was starting, once you get better and learn to put the same force on either crank/pedal you will feel safer witht he seat further out.

as you get better they’ll lessen but probably not go completely away. unless they’re really painful don’t worry about them. mine never got dark, just kinda medium brown for a while.