Bruised Tail-bone, What to do?

What should I do? I can’t unicycle.


Get an arse transplant.

I hear that donor arses are in short supply:p

I’ve slammed my tailbone twice. Once from rollerblading and once from snowblading. All you can do is wait for it to heal. It took about two weeks to have the pain go away. Of course, it depends how hurt you are. What did you do to hurt yourself?

try SIF on pressure on the buns :wink:

When I can’t ride, I do wall sits and/or lunges. I also work on my upper/lower body twisting using yoga stretches. I’m and old man and have a very stiff back. I have also been known to work on standing on one leg balance (a holdover from martial arts practice).

Working opposing muscles is a good idea for off time. Stretch the quads/hips and work on the hammies and glutes.

Walking up steep hills is kikass for working the legs. If you have access, swimming is a great cardiovascular workout that will really get you breathing hard quickly.

If all else fails, learn to juggle so the clown illusion will be complete.

Come to Oxford, there’s tons of them.

Can be difficult to get them out of their barbour jackets and brogues though.

Bruised tailbone? This is a perfect time to work on your juggling skills!


Hahaha true, true.

There are a fair amount of possible arse donors around here too. I hurt it fighting with my brother, he slammed me into the stairs and my tail-bone hit the edge of the stair.

take the frame off your unicycle and try an ultimate wheel…

just ride strictly in the grass

by reading thru these comments, i can tell that most of them hav never actually bruised their tailbone before. i feel ur pain. i tried jumping from a railing over a garden onto a gutter and it was wet and i slipped on the landing and my tailbone found the edge of the gutter. happened 1 week before nationals :frowning:
take lots of painkillers and just ride easy and keep it small

You’re not writing from prison, are you?