bruised feet. Help!

thanks. I might try them after I see how the ankle biters work.

I once hut my feet :wink:

  • How long have you been riding?

about a year.

how do you hut your feet?:wink:

I don’t hurt my feet because I don’t do big drops :sunglasses: . I don’t see all that much point in just jumping down really big drops. It isn’t my idea of fun. Also, if you do lots of drops, you’re bound to get hurt some time. Yes, I know that doing just about all trials is opening up the risk to get hurt, but big drops make it worse. Big drops will hurt.

ive done a 4 footer or so and it wasnt all that great.

I’ve done a 6 footer and it wasnt all that great either:)

thats pretty bad attitude u should do big drops for chicks
chicks dig big drops

is that all you talk about?

those now biscuit pedals look pretty slick. any thoughts?


Goota do big drops in big lines. =p

well duh:)

I dont know though, cause I have never injured my feet like this. I guess to roll out of drops, and absorb a lot of the force with your body too. Dont try to land tight, but stay loose, your body may even fling way down once you drop then have it rebound back up.

In my video there is a drop like that where you can see what I am talking about. Its in the pallet section of the vid.

yeah I saw that. good job!

I kinda do a little bit of street jumping when i’m bored/haven’t got a uni with me and I hurt in landing on it owcordly :roll_eyes: