Brought My Unicycle to School!

It was awesome. I get into the school front yard black top thing, and just started writing around. EVERYONE was staring at me. I startedd weaving through people and what not, and a teacher told me to walk with it. lol, I was prepared for this. On a sign outside the school, it specifically prohibits the use of roller skates, scooters, bicycles, and skateboards. Hehe, I road past her, pointed to the sign, and that got the point accross. Theres strict rules in my school, so it was just glorious to beat the system. I locked up the unicycle, and went to school.

Afterwards, the principal was outside. She saw me unlocking it and just stared in disbelief. I knew she was going to say something right when I got on it. So I took me and a couple of friends to the sign, we looked up and stared at it, shouting reasons why it was allowed. I turned around and hopped on. I went right between the principal and the teacher that yelled at me earlier, (both were a decent distance away from eachother). Once again, the teacher said to wawlk with it, I sohuted to look at the sign, and kept going. Then I turned around, went through again. This time the principal said, “You can atleast wait until the buses leave” And so I did, had to have some decency after seeing her face when her system was beat. But once those buses were gone, I was all over the place. It was awesome!


I’ll bet you’ll be pretty bummed out when you show up to school in September. The teacher, the principal, and local law enforcement will be standing in front of a newly painted sign that also prohibits unicycles.

Taunt authority and they’ll always have the last word.

Hehe, lucky for me this is the last week of school, and next year im off to high school. :slight_smile: I think the principal was actually humored. Not too often you see a kid riding a unicycle.


Tru dat tru dat, my old schoole wanted me to bring mine for some talent thing cause word got to them i could ride and ride good, tehn they changed there minds and asked for me to send a vid cause I was an insurance liability!?

i ride everywhere there is a no roller blades, no bicycles, and now skate boards. The by-law people laugh when I’m riding somewhere.

e39m5 you rebel you :sunglasses:

Are these “by-law people” anything like one’s in-laws?

i also hit someone on the head for the talent show and wore a duct tape outfit to school. Im definetly not on any administrators normal list. But hey, I got a couple kids interested in unicycling, so w00t!


I brought mine too, and the head rec staff (she is super cool) went and talked to the dean
he said it was OK if i wore a helmet and she was out there watching me
so i jumped up a three-set and back down and was riding around backwards and 1-foot etc
they were all amazed
then some 10th and 11th graders tryed, and one fellow 9th grader, and they all fell trying to get on
luckily there were no serious injuries w/ my Snafus!!!

anyways, it was a blast

i cant get more than 2 hops on my 24" lx. How do you keep balance doing that? Are you on muni? Doers that help?\


yea its a pretty kewl feeling riding it in school. I had to for a speech i gave on unicycling and it was a blast zippen through the halls. i even went down the stairs with it and past the principals office, everyone kids and teachers were looking at me like i was an alien or sumtin.

my 2 (unicycling) frends and i where asked to do a demonstration for all the 9th grade science clases it was so much fun plus i got out of the first 15min of my real classes

gotta love all that attention. Take advantage of it while you have the chance, lol


You can hop on just about any uni. It just takes practice.

I was riding through this walking mall were there was no-bicycle signs everywere and this guy in a bisnis suit stopped and said quite loudly “thats a great way to break the rules, its not a bike so you can still ride it here! Hey thats great, finding a way to get past the rules like that”.or something like that, its not an exact quote) I was suprised that he noticed it wasnt a bike.

hehe, did you just ignore him? Thats what I would have done. I would respect most no bike rules, but things like that are just too fun.


I rode on my stomach at school today. That was awesome, Ive never tried it before. I cant believe I got as far as I did. Now I just gotta work up the confidence to get it under me while riding. That’ll be hard, but what the heck. I try and do hopping if I slow down and cant start pedaling backwards, which is the other skill im trying to learn.


BTW: Sorry for doulbe post

Well, it was cool that he said that, but it made me roll my eyes and I just nodded and smilied and agreed with him. He seemed to think it was really funny.

That was a cool place to ride, it had a manmade stream running down through the walkway, criss-crossing under bridges and waterfalls, with shops on each side.

I brought in my unicycle last year and rode it because my English teacher wanted to see it. Then this year I brought it in again for a “commercial” thing I had to do for a project. Then later this year I was a clown at Spring Fling and I brought in my unicycle and runt bike. Spring Fling is a goof-off day but everytime none of the teachers, not even the principal, cared when they saw me riding in the hall. The last time, a new teacher said we probably shouldn’t ride them in the school when I was on a unicycle and my friend was on the runt bike. That was after we passed the principal and a bunch of other teachers, who had just laughed. Some of my teachers even tried the runt bike and unicycle. The tallest guy in school, about 6’6", rode the runt bike around the auditorium during the slave auction. It was hilarious. It’s actually helped me get clowning jobs because I did my English teacher’s daughter’s birthday party and another teacher got me a job at a company picnic this weekend for the place her husband works.
Actually, during spring fling we had rented some of those inflatable things, like a slide and an obstacle course and the sumo wrestling. And the guy from the place where we rented gave me a business card and said to call if I was interested because he thought he could kind of “rent” me out along with the inflatable stuff sometimes to do balloon animals and everything and I could get paid. I’ve been too busy to take him up on it though. I’m going to be gone for a month soon and I have clowning or unicycling things on all the other Saturdays pretty much.

So all my teachers and everybody just think it’s pretty cool.


I could seriously idle in school the whole entire time if I wanted to…

Thats kool one of the math teachers at my skool rides a 20" savage hes pretty kool i brought in my 26" cruiser uni and he was like wow thats a sweet ride and then we rode threw the recently waxed hallways :smiley: sweetness. the kids in the halls were like whoa look at the crazy white boy and i was like damn skippy lol my teacher is kool ne way yeh riding in the halls is a great felling like this feels like im not spose to be doing it but i am not getting in trouble…sweet! lol im gonna bring my new coker to skool when i get it this summer and make my teach be like damn! that uni is big whoa yeh