Brooklyn Bike and Board

Once again the LBS, tired of the challenges a unicycle poses for them, told me to go somewhere else. But this time they had a specific place they sent me, on Vanderbilt Ave between Bergen and Dean St.

It’s new, and definitely NOT your average LBS. They gave me great service, and even consulted with the wheel builder at UDC to get things just right. And since they are hooking up with a welder to make TALL bikes, they may start doing Ultimate Wheels. They buy and sell used bikes as well.

The point for me is that they’re willing to try, to experiment, to go beyond the comfort zone of your typical LBS. I know there’s LOTS of NYC Unatics, so if you’re stuck for a uni mechanic, here’s a great place to try.


Nice. It took me 4 bike shops to get a simple spacer while I was in NYC. Not because the first 3 didn’t have them, because they wouldn’t give the time to look.

Thats awesome.

I have a shop that is really similar. The only problem is that they are too nice and sometimes they will get sidetracked so I always plan for things to take about twice as long as they expect it to. Still that said, they are really amazing most of the time.

Before the summer they had a body builder come in that had seen an ultimate wheel in a video and decided they wanted to learn (they never even rode a unicycle). The body builder had taken a bike hub and chopped the axle so it came flush with the flanges, and then WELDED two left hand bike cranks onto the sides of the flanges, thus blocking off about half of the spoke holes!

They managed to not only build a wheel from this, but actually make it strong enough to ride!

They are also great at teaching how to do things. When I have a problem or want to install something they are often quite happy to walk me through the process, let me use their tools, and best of all learn from their experiences. If I want to install brakes, they will give me the tools, let me cut the lines from their stock, let me do all the work, and only charge me for the parts, which are usually at great prices already.

It sounds to me you have found one of those friendly smart shops that truly services the customers needs.

I’m hoping that when the coop I’m working for starts to sell bike and run a bike shop, that I will be able to be a mechanic for it, and the kind of service you describe is exactly what they expect of us!