Brolli for dinner

Hands up whos been to Brolli, the Circus arts centre in north Wales, last years
Uk uni convention was held there, so at least some of you have been there. Well
I went there again on Tuesday with a very different group of people. Brolli host
corperate dinners, the latest thing in themed entertainment I guess, you get a
dinner, caberet style show and then the chance to play with the toys for an hour
or so. I was an attendee at a training school who use broli for the “Course
Dinner” so along I wnt, rather excited at the thought of going back to somewhere
I have happy memories of from the BUC. Dinner, was OK, wished I was vegie tho as
they looked even better, pudding was fab, the wine very pleasent. The show, was
a mixed bag, David Alexander was very good, holding it together and
demonstrating a great sence of balence with a couple of chairs and a plank, the
other act were I hope still students. Going under the forgetable name acro duo,
or was it duo acro their skill level was OK, nice doubles acro, nothing too
flash but steady. But presentation let them down, not enough smiles and polish.
Unfortunaly to the untutored audience, skill counts for little if they are not
guided into “Clap Now” points along the act.

Lastly the play time, our group of trainees, mostly riggers from the rock and
roll and conference worlds, turned out to include, two unicyclists, a few
jugglers, one or two diablists and a lot of peole with good balence for the rola
bola and gas pipe. Along with the usual reprobates who found bean bags make good
missiles and then went on to invent stilt bowling. I had a great time trying the
walking globe and playing about on a uni.

I would recomend Broli Dinners for those in the Liverpool area who want
something different for their office party, it certainly beat a night in a
restraunt with disco.