Broken Wilder Rail Attachment (new)

I was out riding some trials in my driveway when I heard this loud crack at first I though I had busted my seat base. nope. It looks like one of the welds is broken on my wilder rail attachment… damn. I payed $61.00 USD for this custom peice, that’s a lot in CAN $! John Drummond do you read? over and out.

thanks a lot,

check the pics at <>



John is really busy getting ready for the conventions. He may not have much time to read the newsgroup, so make sure you send him an email.

Work the maze.

Re: Broken Wilder Rail Attachment (new)

I’ll do that, thanx Rod.



There’s a lot of stress on only 4 pretty small welds, so it’s not unconceivable that this could happen. Looking at the pictures, I’d say that’s a really easy break to fix. I’d suggest taking it to a local blacksmith/welding shop where you could probably get it fixed for next to nothing (maybe even nothing if you show them some of your mad trials skills.)

If you were wondering, I don’t have anything to do with the design or production of the brackets.

Thanx also George,

I’ll talk to my welder neighbour and see what he can do…

I’m amazed you were able to break the weld using a plastic Miyata seat base. I would have expected the seat base to crack before generating enough force to break the weld.

I’m also amazed that no one else has managed to break one of the welds on the rail bracket. They are small welds and the metal plate is kind of thin (it looks like the plate almost gets burned through during the weld).

I would agree with George. Try getting someone local to re-weld it. If they think the new weld will be sketchy then see if you can get a new bracket.


Re: Broken Wilder Rail Attachment (new)


Today I was out riding again (on the broken attachment) when all of the sudden
crack all four welds are gone. The welding job looks incerdibly crappy and I
dont know why nobody else has been able to break one. I’m gonna see tomorrow
what my neighbour can do. PS what metal is the wilder attachment made of?

thanks a lot


pic of busted wilder attachment here:


Re: Broken Wilder Rail Attachment (new)

I had this problem a few months ago on one corner of my wilder bracket. Before you take the time
to send it back, this is something that can be easily fixed in a couple of minutes by anyone who
knows how to weld. That might be quicker than getting a warranty return.

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man,thats one of the newer,lighter ones too!ahh-oh now i’m nervous again

thats funny,a week later mine did infact brake too.these things are not reliable and sould’nt be expected to last long for MUni or trials.

hey dylanb what frame is that?

One of the “trials” frames from Norco (one of the old ones with a rounded crown) painted red.


how d’ya paint it?,(spray paint, powercoat, ect)

Re: Broken Wilder Rail Attachment (new)

high-gloss spray paint from Canadian Tire.

why do you even need the rail attachment?

Re: Re: Broken Wilder Rail Attachment (new)

Just busted mine doing a routine seat-out jump. Looks like I’m at least the 4th person to break the Wilder rail attachment.

Has welding turned out to be a good fix for any of you and if not what has done to help?

Joe Merrill

Don’t you need the attachment to use a regular bike seat post, or am I wrong?

Re: Re: Re: Broken Wilder Rail Attachment (new)

thats when mine broke.the welds in back are the weak ones and when you yank real hard to get off the ground seat out,thats what i think compromises the design.

dylan got his re-welded with success,so he long did you have it before it broke?

its worth a call to

Re: Re: Re: Re: Broken Wilder Rail Attachment (new)

I’ve had it for two years. Guess I got some mileage out of it. I’ll give a call.