Broken Wallis death grip handle !

Yes, you are correct, the front hole is off center. Due to that as you said, it did loosen and the bolts popped out causing it to snap. It was a defect, and Scott has reimbursed me. I took a knife to it and widened the hole so now it fits snugly. I am using bigger washers, and used loctite and the bolts.

Correct, GHEY means stupid not GAY.
“Breaking the CF handle is GHEY!”
is sufficient usage.

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And yes, breaking the handle must have been ghey.

O god, let’s not dredge up my post from that early in the thread from the day I gave up amphetamines.

I apologize to Danni, I don’t think you were stupid for using gay to mean stupid. I think you typed it without thinking much about it and without meaning anything by it.

To headstone, however: I’m tired of people smearing gays with that of usage. I will not “get used to it” and will still take exception to the usage whenever I hear or see it. It’s like saying I “jew’ed him down” to mean “got the price lowered”.

Yeah it doesn’t make sense that we use groups of people to describe something. I am certainly going to stop using things like that.

It’s true, it’s quite a funky piece of kit to have knocking around, probably the closest im ever going to get to owning an SW original. That blown tube you left in the boot of my car however, is a different matter…

Were the screws lubricated at all? A dab of anti-sieze on the threads may allow you to tighten them even further…

where do u get these handles

the hyper link was conveniently stored in my bookmarks. (who uses the word hyper link anyways?, so ghey)
Here is the Scott Wallis page for information and ordering:

I have put loctite on em’.