Broken Wallis death grip handle !

I was on a ride today and one of the people I was with broke his DG left handed handle on a
5.5" drop. Has anyone else ever brok one of those handles?

5.5"? Was he dropping off a curb?

That was me. It was close to six feet, not inches. Shut up Raymond
I will email swallis about this and his three year waranty:
What happened was kinda gay. I did the drop, and three of the front bolts popped out (though they were very tight), leaving the two ones still there. My weight cracked the two holes at the back. I must say that I am a bit disappointed that it broke. I spent a lot on it.
A well,

why do you put your weight on your handle? that is just looking for an accident.

Here’s the story:

I had noticed that the bolts that Scott provided popped off sometimes. I had the right tool and tightened them whenever they got loose, and put them back on when they popped off. I went for a ride today and I did a five and half foot drop; the front three bolts popped off, but the rear ones stayed on (no clue why) and the force of my hand+bodyweight cracked it in the rear. I was only able to find the right CF bit, and one bolt. I had four other people look in a 10m radius and we didn’t find it.
I followed all Scott’s advices: I got the gemcrest seat cover and the appropriate front and rear handles, built specifically for the seatbase.

This handle (the left handed DG) was purchased four months ago, and is still well within the three year warranty.

If you have done any drops bigger than four feet seat in than it is inevitable that the handle gets some force on it.

Did the front bolts pull through the handle? Perhaps the handle broke because the three bolts in front were not securely tightened causing the 2 bolts at the rear of the handle to take all the stress. This resulted in the damage to the rear bolts holes. I would recommend using larger washers on the 3 front bolts and be sure they stay properly tightrened so that the stress is distributed over a larger area.

I had tightened them HARD, they were not loose.

I meant 5.5’ sorry

I would recommend using some huge-ass washers next time to minimize the chance of this happening again.

Yes, and I will also use longer bolts. The ones I was using were too short, so they didn’t have to much to hang on to.

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Loosemoose, Richard, has broken one of them, he is an engineer, he will chime in sometime when I force him too :roll_eyes:

His broke in a different way though, he should post soon…


Damn Mike you beat me to it, loose did indeed break his, but it snapped across where the handle part joins the part that bolts to the seat base, for some reason i have the snapped handle atm but it’s at home else i’d post a photo.

How was what happened “gay”?

gay as in stupid… just face it, people use that expression

No. It’s stupid to use gay to mean stupid.

So sorry, although I try not to say it, it’s become a bad habit. I have nothing against gays, just here it is a common term.

Now, the S wallis handle:
I think I know how it happened. The front hole of the handle was not flush with the seatbase. The bolt was naturally strained and popped out, somewhere along the ride. I did the drop and the middle bolts, already loosening, and not having the support from the front bolt, popped off.

Here’s what I mean


I was not the one who put the whole in, Scott did.

Mine snapped in a different place than yours, but that was more due to lack of proper care, if I’d filled the chips there’d have been no defect to initiate crack growth. Anyway, I digress.

Yours seems to be due to a slightly misshapen bolt hole in the base, so things didn’t line up quite right and weren’t tight. When you talked about the bolts popping out thats when I got a little concerned, you didn’t seem to have it installed correctly, causing the failure. Whether this is your error or a manufacturing problem is between you and Scott, but from your single photo it does appear the frontmost central bolt hole in the base is out of line, so you can’t mount the handle securely. If the replacement is similarly out of line, redrill the handle so it sits securely onto each bolt hole, flat against the base. Then each bolt will tighen fully and it shouldn’t happen again.

Oh and Dave, you collect broken cool stuff, I thought you’d appreciate it :p.