Broken Unicyle

Hey guys, recently I began doing a little trial-ish stuff with my uni, I know it’s not made for it, it’s a Fishbone starters unicycle, but I didn’t care. Now I have this little problem with my wheel, when I ride and stop to go backwards or to hop the wheel keeps spinning… So basically, my wheel spins without pedalling :astonished: I can still ride with it but I have to be careful, and I don’t like that :wink: Do you guys have any experience with this problem? I am getting a new one, a Qu-ax Cross 20" but I don’t have the money yet. Anyway, I hope someone can help me.


You’ve destroyed the hub, well done! :slight_smile:

That sounds like fun. Learn how to ride it down a hill.

It’s not worth it to bother trying to fix or anything…just keep saving up for the Qu-ax cross.

well, you did that thing in i think lol.

I’d go strieght to one of these splined unis. Less money in the long run.

But if you don’t want to wait, get the cross and then a yellow hub when you break the orig. Or a 36 hole wheelset (lighter and stronger rim, but needs more spoke maintinence)

If he gets the cross first, then gets the yellow hub, he’ll also have to buy new cranks for the yellow hub. The cross uses an ISIS hub, but the yellow hub isn’t ISIS. Cranks add a lot to the cost.

Qu-Ax Cross + yellow hub/crankset
Qu-Ax yellow hub

Same cost.

But then he’ll need diff spokes and pay for a wheelbuild or do it himself.

:smiley: So its like the old SWAT teams Coaster uni?? Shizza dont throw that puppy out!

Ok, here’s a video of me doing the trial-ish stuff;) with my broken unicycle…