Broken Unicycle!

i have just bent up my cranks dropping off a 2 foot wall now i cannot take them off!
i removed the crank nuts but no matter how hard i pull they just wont budge! is it possible that i have broken the hub not just the crank?
i think i only bent 1 crank

i cant wait until wednesday when i get my new custom unicycle!


any advice would be welcome!

Are you using a crank remover?

you can’t get those cranks off by hand…you need a crank puller

…or a mallet and some kind of punch or chisel

I have this awesome crank tool. It pulls the crank off with no problem. I dont think its some kind of unknown tool… ill take a picture of it tomorrow

I wouldnt go with the mallet/chizel plan. go with a crank tool.

There is also the “cheap” way of removing cranks. This only works if you have more time than money. Take the crank nuts (or bolts) off, then just ride it around for a while. Lots of rocking, little hops, and stops & starts. They should come loose fairly quickly.

The problem is when one comes real loose real fast, and the other one doesn’t want to budge. Then you work on your one foot skills… :slight_smile:

Best bet is to get the proper tool, which can be found at probably any bike shop.