Broken unicycle?

Okay I was riding my unicycle the other day when all of a sudden the pedal came out of the crank. I had no idea what happened but it turns out the crank is completely stripped. So I cannot screw the pedal back in or anything like that. Is there a possible way to fix this? I don’t know if my local bike shop does unicycle repairs, or if I just need to buy a new unicycle or something. Any help?

I can repair it for ten billion Schrute bucks…

One way to fix it if you have access to machinary is to re-thread it… I don’t know how exactly this is done but my dad fixed my crank for me doing this.

You could also just get new cranks. Find out the type of hub your unicycle has (isis, squar taper, ect) and order up some cranks for your unicycle. Then bring it to a bike shop or use a crank remover to fix your problem.

I’ll give you 20 billion Stanley Nickles if you can tell me what kind of hub I have.

You probably need a new crank, maybe a new pedal. You can order a crank from, or your local bike shop might have one if they carry unicycles. The pedals are the same as bike pedals.

You almost certainly need to turn the wheel or the seat around, because you’re riding it backwards.

Alright, just ordered clotterless crank arms and crank remover.

i hope they are the right length!!
and for a unicycle!

also make sure that the right crank is on the right and the right pedal is on the right and visversa. if the pedals are on the wrong crank it normal strips the therd or cross therds it:D