broken unicycle! HELP ME!

hello again all!

just broken my old unicycle dropping down off a small wall! it turnes out i havnt bent the crank as i thought but i have bent the end of the axle (?) where the pedal connects to! is there any way to correct this or am i looking at a whole more expensive repair?

(somebody asked me if my unicycle was a bike yesterday! lol) :thinking:

you are going to need a new wheel.

the hub is crap now.

replacing it with the same crappy hub would be crazy, as you would break it again in no time.

a suzue hub is a cheap, very strong hub, however, your current cheap rim probably is not 36 holes, like the suzue hub.
Alex/Suzue is a very good investment for a nice price.

It’s (relatively) cheap, and if you ever break this suzue hub, the wheel will already line up perfectly for a much stronger splined setup (although, going to splined now would be a very good investment)

Hi Bungle,
I can fit a new hub for you if you like.

This is a strong one and costs £28

If you are going to BUC bring the wheel along and I will see what can be done.