Broken uni piece.

On my onza trials 20" unicycle, down by the crank, there is a little saucer thing between the crank and frame…it can now spin freely instead of staying in place. Is this bad? Kelly.

Heres a pic.


No, don’t worry, it’s not a problem. It is merely a spacer.

You should tighten the crank’s allen bolt.

Yeah i just tightened the crank alen bolt thing. Is my crank pretty much screwed now that i have been riding with it loose?

Yeah, its not broken it stays in place because the crank wedges it on so just tighten your cranks and it should stop spinning
EDIT well nevermind because you just posted as i was typing:D

it shouldn’t be screwed up, i mean, theres still so much surface contact even if it’s not totally tight, it shouldn’t move on the splines unless it’s WAY off
make sure you tighten it a bunch, but make sure the main cap holders are stillin the right place
you might want to take the frame off, tighten the cranks, then put the frame back on

o yeah, don’t (if you’re ever reassembling totally) put one crank on, tighten it a lot, then put the other one on, you could pull the axle through the hub
instead, tighten both cranks to a medium spot, then fully tighten each