Broken TPA on Magura HS33

I’ve got a Magura HS33 (2009 model I think) on my Nightrider, and the TPA thing is jammed, so when I try to turn the red wheel it just turns the pin that it’s attached to. The instructions don’t say anything about it. Does anyone know how I could Fix it? or should I leave it and use the warranty?


Hello, Yes, the TPA on the 2005-2009 levers is really weak and yours sounds stripped. I think Magura designed the 2005-2009 TPA as a “fuse” that will break first and protect other metal parts from damage in accidents, but they seem to break too easily - even from just turning the wheel too hard with your fingers.

I only have complete levers for sale here (that come with the stock plastic TPA and rod right now, but you can buy a replacement alloy/metal TPA wheel here and it will wear better than the plastic Stock Magura ones:

One thing to try before you go mucch further is to take the lever blade off of the lever and and take the TPA apart. You could get lucky and be able to turn the TPA red wheel upside down in its palstic carrier shells to thread the metal rod into the undamaged side of the red wheel and see if it will work properly this way. Its worth a try and remember to keep a finger on the hydraulic piston in the lever body when the lever is off to make sure it doesn’t pop out of the lever and require you to find the parts on the floor and re-bleed the brake. Yes, been there . . done that


Brycer1968 - brilliant information. I had not seen that nice little wheel on the tarty site. I guess it will also make the adjuster more usable.

We do have complete handles in stock (I think only one or two) that would give you an alternative solution. Although I must say I think the fitting of the Try-all wheel is a better solution.