broken thomson seat post

so i was riding with joe campbell and he broke the unbreakable thomson seat post. he has a video of the aftermath. i just thought you might all want to know.

How did he pull that off? I’m surprised the post broke and not his black domina frame.

well we had gone back to my house after he broke a spoke on a drop on a sick line. i was admiring his frame when i saw a crack ln the front of the post right below the seat. we went riding again and when he went to hop onto a short rock the seat ripped off the seat post.

Do you know how old his post is? I just rode his uni at NAUCC and the whole uni felt a bit dodgy.

His uni felt weird, but not a broken weird but more of a, this is a really light uni, but it feels really stiff too, weird.

Not surprising though, Joe is a madman.

Good for him.

But this sets me and him back on our deal by a weak or two.

Tompson has a exceptional warraty. Give 'em a call I bet they replace it. Anything will break after a while. Hope he didn’t get hurt.

I’m not saying this in a bad way, after seeing some tha’ stuff you guys do, I’m surprised if you guys can get a year out of a Uni.

You boys do some amazing stuff, but dang it’s gotta be hard on the equipement.

His uni didn’t strike me as stiff, he did say that about mine though.

Wow! Now what do you buy, you’ve already broke the strongest post… I’m amazed that he broke a solid piece of aluminum at a place with no welds. Maybe a (very slightly) bad batch of posts?

Ha, that’s kind of unexpected.

I ride trials, and I’ve ridden the same unicycle for almost 3 years but have only broken the easy stuff - seat, regular stock seatpost, and pedals.

I am not hard on equipment. It’s cool.

Shit! I think Muzzle has broken one before but I’m not sure. He makes the unbrakeable, unridable >.<

i just love the irony of it all…

everyone gives him crap all of NAUCC about how he was going to break that frame really fast and then … snap… he breaks, not the weakest frame on the market, but the strongest seat post instead


I was surprised he didn’t bust a spoke when he rode at the zoo with me, His wheelset was all creaky and I told him he should try tensioning it but we were too lazy and just kept riding. I like his uni it feels really light and it didn’t quite feel stiff to me, just a bit odd because I have shorter cranks than him and a shorter seatpost.

Haha, yeah I even offered to tighten his spokes, I had the tool right with me but he said he was going to take care of it later.

when I mentioned his spokes he asked if I wanted to true his wheel for him. I said no, because I suck at truing wheels and I was lazy.

Felt stiff and responsive to me.

Its funny, the first time I actually jumped with his uni, I was concidering the weight, and treated it like a heavier uni, and ended up pulling the wheel out from under my feet. It surprised me. 2nd time I landed the jump. =p

Yeah Joe, now that we got you into bigger drops and bigger lines, youre gonna have to take care of your stuff a bit better. Or get rich.

I was talking to a MTBer that wont ride Thomsons anymore. He apparently bends and breaks them to often to justify the price. Other then him this is the first I have heard of one being broken.

seatposts… they all break after a while. Broke my quax reinforced post recently. was sad. Still I bought another cause at the price and weight they are a bargain. And they last pretty long.

yea, I really did snap that seat post. I am going to buy another one soon! I just have to deliver more tacos and pizza to get enough money now.
but ya, me n jerrick are going to have to make our pedal deal a little later cause I have to buy this thomson post first. fyi, the post is like exactle a year old. I bought it mid july last year and it broke mid july this year. we will see how many months the next one lasts. hopefully a while. the guys from spokane phill, jerrick, joe, and the naucc competition got me into bigger drops. I do drops seat in now thanks to phill and maybe thats what help break it? the proof of the breakage will be in my next video probably. I am done filming it. just have to edit it now.
the video will be better than the last one but my riding still needs BIG improvements. Maybe you guys can teach me a few things about natural trials, gapping, pre-hopping, bigger drops, etc.
this is getting a little off topic now…
hope to ride with you guys soon! come to cal muni weekend!


Yeah I called up Phil and him and Jerrick still plan on going so I’m hoping to still go with them should be awesome.

Haha, I was thinking the same thing.

He has a Black Domina 1 that hasn’t broken, and a thomson that has…