Broken Stuff and New Unicycle

Out of death comes new life! RISE!!!

Yes my long anticipated “custom” uni. Yuni frame, Profile wheelset w/ DX-32 rim, Oddysey Twisted Pro pedals, a Miyata seat, Primo seatclamp, bragging rights, and lots of cool self applied logos (packing tape does wonders!). I’m quite pleased.

My only real upset was when the new pedals fell apart after I attempted to pedalgrab… how sad, take a long look and pay your respects:

Wow, that looks great! You’ve really hacked up your old unicycle. What caused all those breakages?


My friend broke his odysse pedals the same way, but that was after thousands of pedal grabs, and it happened on the top and bottom of the pedal. It was pretty cool!


Re: Broken Stuff and New Unicycle

is that a 24" frame?


Those pedals absolutely suck sweaty toe.
Yah thats a 24" frame. You mean on the Trials right? Its a Yuni frame and it had to be bent (according to in order to fit the Profile wheelset. There is hardly any space between the frame and the hub. You can barely stick a piece of paper in there but miraculously it rides clean.