Broken spokes?

today I was doing another trials demo on main street with a trials biker, 15 minutes from the end I did a sort of side gap/drop, and when I landed I heard a snap noise, after doing the drop again, I decided to inspect, I found 1 of the spokes had snaped. now my question is is it still alright to ride with one broken spoke? I am going to get it replaced I just want to know how urgent it should be.


As long as you not huckin off 5 ft drops witha broken spoke then no. It shouldnt be a problem. Just get it replace as soon as you can.

yeah I’m gonna try hard to get it fixed. but the bike shop dosen’t have the right length, what is the spoke length fo a 19" rim?

I just snapped my second today.
I keep on riding the uni since I’ll have my new one next week so I don’t care about it.


For 3 cross i think its 173. Email Darren, He’ll kno.

You will be wanting to do three cross and it depends on the hub which you are using. Also I would recommend having the wheel rebuilt as soon as possible. I thought it wouldn’t be too bad riding with a couple loose spokes and I ended up twisting the wheel which meant a rebuild anyways, but also it meant that I ended up bending the rim which meant that they had to use a few different sized spokes. I was also talking with a shop when I was planning on substituting longer spokes and doing a 4 cross pattern and they explained to me that at that it would actualy create a weaker wheel to do that and they cut me some spokes for the same price. So don’t skimp out on the wrong sized spokes and get that wheel rebuilt asap.