broken spokes

on my friends numbus trials we broke 2 spokes should we replace them or wait till the wheel dies the rim has flat spots dings and is slightly tweaked.

That depends on if you want to spend $4 or $100. I’d go for the $4 and replace the spokes.

umm…replace them.

you guys must have some terrible form tho if your rims all tweaked and bent now. i was riding without 4 spokes once, and my rim was barely out of true. and that wheel still works fine today.

sounds you’re landing drops terribly

i got steped on inside his house

Were you lying on his floor?

sorry the unicycle got steped on inside the house

Was it stepped on by an elephant? Nimbus trials wheel builds should be able to handle someone stepping on them…

Definitely replace the spokes and have the wheel trued.

i was steped on by my mom lol. ok will do

Are you saying your mom is an elephant? :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: lol, another shortbeak thread?

Why were you lying on the kitchen floor?

Is that why you can’t spell?

LOL Julia!

I did a 9.5 foot drop with 2 spokes missing.

But don’t listen to me, i’m like the irresponsible uncle the kids are never allowed to visit.

knoxuni you seem to break everything you have. you probably arent taking care of things properly. for example, i once left my uni lying in the garage. my stepdad threw it across the yard to get it out of the way. now i dont leave my shit out. and guess what? it didnt break when he threw it, because i always keep everything tight and in place.

I keep throwing my uni everywhere or I let it drop sometimes in the middle of a Trials line and mine is still working perfect, nothing is bent, broken or cracked. I can stand on it and it wouldn’t break too… but I’m not doing it.

lol I regularly chuck/drop my uni, especially when I get frustrated… I also regularly tighten/inspect every single bolt and joint on it.

I’ve heard that stepmothers tend to step on the unis…

Oh no, I hope this isn’t going to turn into another shortbeak facepalm

Dude; chill…

Replace the spokes, but how bent does a trials wheel when someone steps on it? I’m surprised because I’ve done alot of crap to my unis but they’ve never broken while not riding them… And I don’t get as pissed as delcypher, but :sunglasses:

Brendan, the amount of stuff knoxuni has claimed to have broken IS pretty ridiculous, I dont see how any rider breaks two torker DX frames…