Broken spoke question

I recently broke a spoke on my unicycle and I have a question or two. I basically broke the nipple. The spoke is not bent at all an still sits flush against the rim. The only way it moves from the rim is if I put a little pressure on it an move it to the side. When my pedals are in my desired hopping position the spoke is almost directly vertical. Do you think I’m ok to ride this like it is until I can get it fixed? I ride street but I won’t be doing anything serious no drops bigger than maybe 3ish feet and nothing larger than a 3 stair. I’ll still be doing crankflips but no unispin or variations.

btw it’s a KH trials


i’ve rode with 3 broken spokes on my nimbus 36 spoke for a while. i finally replaced them when the 4th broke. on my nimbus 48 spoke, i had 5 spokes missing once… i finally replaced all of them when the 6th spoke broke.

both of these rims are still true, and i’m still very hard on them. but i’m way better at wheel maintenance now as well, so they very rarely break. you should read sheldon browns truing page…there’s also a few good youtube videos. that way you’ll most likely prevent future breaking…unless you’re doing a lot of unispins and stuff…then you just gotta accept the fact they’ll break :stuck_out_tongue:

oh…and i’m not saying go ride forever on 32-35 spokes…it’s not good to do that… if you have to do it because you’re broke and want to ride…do so. but i did it because i just had no money, and at this point in time spokes were breaking every other day…because i never maintained them. now i have a ton of spare spokes, and i just replace them when they (rarely) break

Awesome thanks a lot. It actually broke on a botched 90 unispin attempt. My foot slipped off the wheel and I basically landed with a lot o pressure on that 1 spoke

If the nipple broke I would guess that the spokes are either too short, or the wheel isn’t under enough tension. The latter of the two is most likely. I would suggest you have it looked at sooner than later because if it is under tensioned you are just beginning to break nipples.