Broken seatpost

Well, given the fact that I’m not a really hardcore rider, I never thought I’d have to worry about my seatpost breaking for a while, even though it was aluminum. Well it did. Right at the top like most people report. So now I’ll have to take $27 out of my trials uni fund, and buy a new CrMo post, or maybe I can get my parents to buy it, for good grades this year. So now I’m MUniless, which was also my main form of transportation. Guess I’ll get better at BC or Freestyle.

The same thing happened to me. It broke right at the weld, I guess just hopping around is enough to eventually brake it.

I didn’t buy a new one, I just took it to school and got my buddy to weld it for me. It is probably way stronger now anyways.

Plastic seat base+CrMO seat post = very bendy setup…

the plastic inst stiff enough to keep the post from bending, and the bent CrMO post will make yer seat very flat one second and supper curved the next.

I was very unsatisfied with my CrMO post untill I got a CF base:o

meh, best I can afford right now.

Id take a Alu post over a CrMO with no CF. Yes it will just break. But i cant put into words how un happy I was with the united CrMO post under a plastic base. Give it a shot if you want, Its not an uncommon thing to do by any means.

Baa, what to do with myself… Just broke my CrMO post. Luckily this is my last day in NYC and I will headed home tonight. The CrMO was my backup from when I snapped my Pit Fighter… what to do… no more backups? Really? …oh wait dont I have…

I will most likely end up using an old 22mm steal posts shimmed with a chunk of an old aluminum post. Anyone do this. Has worked for me in the past and is quite the save. I don’t think I could wait a week to ride.

take a picture when you have it set up, should look pretty funny in such a big frame post.

Yea it looks pretty silly.
I am using the same setup in this video, from about a year ago. However also besides breaking post, a year ago, I could not make decent compressions, so the video quality is iffy. I will take a picture of shim and setup to show it in all its glory.

AgentQ, You broken your Pit Fighter didn’t You? When you broke it, it had a crack in the weld or it was normal?

I’m asking because yesterday i noticied a crack in the weld of my Pit Fighter :frowning:

Bye and Thanks :smiley:

No crack. I think maybe you just dont know the words in English? If you are talking about the line that looks like where the two pieces of aluminum join then yes that was there. I was under the impression that it was a lathe mark to clean up the weld when it broke it did not break clean at that seam, but it did break there. No cracks tho. It looks as if they changed this on the pitfighter II. I dont think they are joining the two parts in the same way anymore as well as adding reinforcements. This is just my speculation from the pics on their site.

If there really is a crack in the aluminum weld it will not last long at all.

I Think that’s a Crack. It’s deep… But it’s very small… I fall from a 1,8M and the uni (seat) clashed on the wall… So the little crack appeared :frowning:

I will ride it until it brake… Thanks Man :smiley:



Get someone to weld it back together w/ reinforcements front and rear, like the Pit Fighter II.

Save up for a reinforced al post, then this can be it’s back up and w/ the reinforcements it sould never break.

Did you check the date of the original post?


Still a good idea though, IMO.