Broken Seatpost, bridge collapse

Today I drove downtown to the University of Minnesota campus to do some unicycling. All in all I had a good time and got some descent footage in, but after a while i broke my seatpost on my KH20. I didn’t brake the weld between the seatpost and the plate that the seat is bolted, I just snaped the plate in half. Does this happen to any body else? Will this be cover by any warranty on my KH? or should I just order a new seatpost from UDC?

The more scarier news is that the 35W bridge over the Minnesota river collapsed about 5 minutes after I drove over it. there’s about 50 cars in the river. pretty scary.


They may, how long ago did you get it? Since it is a common problem they may only go 50%, or maybe none. Replace it w/ a steel post.

That is kind of scary about the birdge :astonished:

just order a new one. unless you just got it the day before and were just riding it then email KH about the warranty. that is a common break point. if it was from abuse then just buy a new one.

I just saw that on the news. Yikes!
Lucky TCUC isn’t hosting NAUCC this year.
I’m pretty sure I was driving across that bridge each day during the last convetion that TCUC hosted.


btw i snapped my try-all reinforced seatpost like that. THe plate snapped not the weld. and the aluminium seemed fine no air bubbles or viisble defects… got a crmo one now and its fine for now

I think i’m just going to buy a replace KH seatpost from Beford. I know it will probably break again, but the crmo seatposts on UDC aren’t in stock untill August 15th


That’s freaky. I pity the people that were in it.