Broken Seat?

My Qu-Ax 24" MUni, which has stayed in good repair for nearly a year since I bought it, broke the other day. The plastic of the seat, right up against where it connects to the metal seatpost, cracked. The unicycle is now unridable (the back part of the seat collapses whenever I sit down). Is this repairable? If not, what should I get to replace it? I’ve been salivating over the Kris Holm Fusion Freeride for quite some time…

You won’t regret a Freeride seat :slight_smile:

Definitely the freeride or if you want. Get a air seat like what my coker has. :smiley:

unfortunatly, all seats do that after a while. it’s rather annoying as it’s not reparable. a KH saddle will work great. i’d just get the fusion if you’re planning on converting to an air seat though…

Im saving up for carbon fiber seat, ive already broken 2 seats, (but im getting to send me another one because i broke it!:smiley: )
Just call up the place you bought the unicycle seat from, send them a pic, in an email, and they might give you another one, like they did with me and my friend) ( I learned me and my friend is proper english if you use it as an object, so dont correct me english!)

Please excuse the thread jack.

Hey CKCrowe, Did you purposely choreograph the scenes or did it just work out that way? It works great, I like the flow, opening where you walk up the uni, hop up, roll back, do the crank-flip down, and then hop out of view, and end with white T-shirt closing, nice touch. The crank flip is great. I like that you show how to roll back away from the curb to be sure the pedals will be in the proper positions. Altogether a great piece of work, short, informative and sweeet.