Broken seat

I was trying for doubles, and was really close, hitting the pedals every so often, thought i had it once, but the seat snapped on me. Anyone know it itll work if my dad welds it, then some cheap places for unicycle seats? :thinking: :frowning:

What snapped the saddle or the seatpost?

What snapped, the saddle or the seatpost?

Here are some seats as low as $24.00

kk, the little metal peice inside it snapped (the seat)

Ive ridden about 1000 hours on the seat, so i dont think ill be getting a refund.

Oh, okay. Well the saddles from (the link i posted) arent that much, just order one from there.

if you snapped the stiffener ( i think you did ) then you can make a new one and replace it with th broken one. ie. take out the broken one, duplicate it and ur sweet.

yea we broke that thingy lol. My dad just welded it on with a nice peice of steel or something. He says i can ride it tomarrow, and it should be stronger than ever if everthing goes as planned. So i cant wait. Thx.

shoot, the weld on it doesnt work, i can just do stuff out in front like hickflips, so i wont be learning backflips or doubles soon. So i still need a seat, wht are good seats, like the ones on for 24 bucks, are they good seats? i just need a low priced like 30 dollors or so, that is a good seat, or does anyone know anyother plalces i can buy one, im going to go look on ebay now.:frowning:

get the nimbus gel from UDC, cant get much cheaper than 39 bucks


you could get a kh street, but you’d jsut break it again.

if you can afford it, go cf, if not, get a viscount, and put a handle on it.

jw, where can you get a viscount?

i had that 70 buck KH seat before. Do they sell the inside part of the seat that snapped on mine?

I don’t believe they sell just the stiffener, but believe me, once you have the ability to break one, you will continue breaking it if you just get the same thing. I’ve broken three, so now I’ve switched to the carbon fiber, and I love it. It’s very, very stiff.

whats the carbon fiber?

This is a seatbase made of carbon fibre instead of the steel/plastic you have now. You use the handle bumper foam and cover from your old seat and replace the broken base with this. It’s much stronger and stiffer than standard seat bases.

so that is all i need for the fix on my uni?

Thts a lot. might idk. 79 bucks, you know any other place to get them cheaper.

Carbon Fiber isn’t about cheap. Carbon Fiber is about Good.

It should last long enough that it is cheaper in the long run.

if you snaped KH seats get a viscount.
dont like it?
then pony up the cash for CF baby

and you should get the scoot walis thoson combo

It must’ve been a bad welding job… I fixed the stiffener in an old broken KH seat over a year ago and it’s still in use today. I didn’t even use another piece of metal… I just ground the stiffener at the break to get a smooth seam and ran a bead right across it. Cake!