broken seat

how can tell if I broke the stiffener plate is broken on my uni??
I took the seat off of my uni and wen I bend it it makes an odd noise and it bends quite a bit is this the sing of a broken stiffener plat??

sorry for the spelling and this is a nimbus gel seat


Sounds like it. You can still ride like that though for a while, but dont be surprised when the plastic actually gives out. Ive been ridding on a seat with a snapped stifener plate since NAUCC. lol

You might want to start thinking about a carbon fiber base now.

were can I get A cf base for 5 $??:smiley: “joking”

do all seat bases brake so easy? I know the the cf one don’t but I only had this uni for like a month and I have only benn ridding for 4-5 months like I’m not that good but I guess im rough so ya:(
and well Im really kinda mad cuz I don’t have money and still bought the uni and it’s broken :angry:

okay all vented now bye:p

I have a broken stiffener plate also, 2nd one in 6 months or so, Its actually an easy part to replace if someone made and sold the part seperatlaly. I definatly see a demand. so where is the supply?

I think someone with the right kind of resourses and tools and such could make this part easily.

marketing idea for an appropriate candidate?
let us know.:wink:

to fix it I would need a new a new kh seat cover right cuz I just have a a nimbus one.
and could I weld this and reinforce it with a steel plat??

you can carefully remove the staples holding the seat cover on, sew extra fabric along the bottom and lace it back on for future removal. or forget the extra fabric and such and just use a staple gun to reattatch the cover.

If you CAN sucsessfully repair the plate let me know? it usually brakes where the square holes are that the bolts rest in making a fabrication difficult I would imagine?

weld the bolts :smiley:

You can fix it with welding it, or replacing it with a base that has been cracked with a fine plate.

Thats what im doing. My friend has a seat with the plastic base cracked, and the plate is fine, so im taking that, and once that breaks, im going CF. Otherwise I start wasting money.

I know Skrobo took a broken one, welded it, then welded another plate onto it, and said its doing great.

okay ill do that wen I have the money to buy a new seat cover

good idea, btw it xhitin da wa u curekted ma spaellin i loikd dat allat.

I didn’t get that but I only corrected your spelling cuz I kept getting pop ups the said the spelling was wrong I have a bizarre version of Linux so if it offended you sorry.
But if your thanking me in that chicken skrach than you welcome:p

I would just go and get a piece of metal and a friend with a blow torch. I am sure somone you know has a blow torch. I can think of three people off the top of my head and I’m sure theirs more.

I Have all the tools I live on a Farm;)

i was just bein fuunny,:smiley: tis all good dude. good luck w your saddle:)

btw it said … its exciting the way you corrected my spelling, I like that alot.:smiley: