Broken seat (Qu-ax trial)


I’ve just broken the plastic frame of the saddle of my qu-ax trial (a Kh seat if i understood well). It broke in the thiner part, where there are the 2 front screws of the post.

I have already read the “KH Seatbase reinforcement” tutorial on but i think it’s too late for me as my frame is nearly parted.

I need your help to find the best option for me. I ride street/trial : the original seat was fine to me, a bit fat for holding on sif hops but so comfortable to ride from one spot to another without tiring me too quickly.

  1. [35€, zero effort]
    I may buy the same seat : but i could take advantage of this incident to improve it.

2)[60Eur, zero effort]
I could buy another saddle, the koxx one gel seat seems less fat than the kh one and as comfy or more :

3)[60Eur, some efforts that could lead to any result]
I could simply buy a carbon fiber base which will allow me to re-build the original seat but more solid, using the foam and cover i have :

What do you think of each solution wether you have already experimented it or not. Has anyone ever tried the third one ?

Thanks for your answers

Manuel (I live in Spain/France)

Re: Broken seat (Qu-ax trial)

FYI, The Kris Holm Gel( or UDC Gel ( are less expensive and better than the Koxx Gel. All three are similar, but the the Kris and UDC Gel seats have the sturdier kevlar fabric side panels material.

I have to update my post, I just rechecked, and on the 360 Coker it turns out I don’t have a ‘Kris Holm’s Gel’, it’s a ‘Kris Holm’s STYLE’ seat which is why it is exactly like my UDC gel. I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet the Kris Holm and UDC gel are the same. Sorry about confusing your issue.

Thanks for your answer,

So you think, buying a udc gel seat would be interesting for me ?
Should/could it be reinforced like that :


Reinforcing the seat as in the link you point to is no good since it doesn’t entirely strengthen for the high stress between the seat base and the handle lever. I expect that seat will soon crack somewhere else.

It would be better to reinforce with: I’ve read it will fit a KH seat(double check this), and somewhere I’ve seen a KH version for sale.

I haven’t taken a seat apart. Me, I’d buy a new gel seat, but you play harder than me to break these things. So it may be better for you to strengthen a seat with steel. It’s a tough call. I hope someone with more experience also answers your post.

Did your seat last long before breaking?

edit: Oh, and the carbon base, I haven’t tried it. Sounds like the surest and most expensive answer.

No, it does not fit a KH seat. The KH seat has a different contour, and different bolt holes. Kinda like how you can’t use a KH seatpost with a Miyata seat, and vice versa.

Sorry that I was wrong about the ‘GB4 Stiffener Plate’ would fit the KH seat, (glad I warned about double checking). But now it looks like I was wrong about a KH version stiffener being available. Anyone find a KH seat stiffener is available? (Not the carbon fiber seat base, I found that.)

I now have two gel seats which need stiffeners, these seats have gone flimsy and creaky, and I expect the plastic will soon break all together if I keep using them the way they are.

I have chosen to buy a udc gel seat. I think i’ve done a good choice, the seat out hops are easier and less stressfull for my fingers. It is a little bit less comfortable than my kh seat with the thick foam but still acceptable.

My previous seat last 4 months. If the second breaks less than twice lower, i will choose the carbon fiber base.

Another thing :
Mounting my new seat, i noticed that breaking the seat i had twisted the seat post (where the seat is screwed) in a significant angle. I fixed it with a some hammer blows and spinned it (a 180° on the vertical axis of the post) so the part i most stress on it is not the already weaked one.
(I hope my sentence means something)
Had you any bad experiences doing such a thing ?