Broken Seat Post

WOO HOO! I just broke my seat post on my muni. It’s been feeling a little loose the last couple days, but I couldn’t figure it out. I kept tightening the nuts on the seat and the Reeder handle, but it still felt wrong. I finally noticed the problem. The front of the seat plate is ripping away from the post. I don’t know if this is from the heavy use with the Reeder handle or from the spacers I have under the front two seat bolts.

So I just ordered one of George Barnes’ seat posts nest day air. I “need” my muni, it’s going to 50 degrees by the end of the week.

cheers… Mojoe


I broke my seat post at TOque the other weekend.

I broke it right beneath the weld and the seat felt fine untill i had it in my hand when trying to hop and the uni didnt follow under me.

I was lucky enought to get it replaced the same day by Darren Bedford.

Thanks again Darren!


Hey Mojoe, where did you order that seat post? Just wonderin if GB had any new stuff on the market

Hasn’t anyone else realised how much that photo looks like a face? Have another look…before I read the thread I actually thought it was a face and not a seatpost.

Is it just me?


I ordered it from
They have had this seat post for a while. I know George has built an aluminum Reeder handle and an aluminum trials frame, but I don’t think he’s planning on marketing them yet.

I ordered the “Into the Thunder Dragon” DVD also. Can’t wait to see it.


Hey Mojoe, that seat post you ordered might not work. That is a Miyata style seat post, it looks like the one you broke might be a Viscount\United seat post, which isn’t swappable…I may be wrong…

speaking of nice weather… coughcough*.

ah, I have seen the light…its a universal post!! sorry mojoe, i goofed!

WOW, that was fast! I ordered the seat post at 1:45pm yesterday “Next Day Air” and I got it this morning at 11:30am. I wasn’t expecting it until tomorrow. Thanks!

I put the new post on my Viscount seat, cut 3 inches off the bottom of it, and put it on the muni. The GB4 seat posts are made so that it tips the front of the seat upward. The seat is now at the same angle it was with my old post, but with having to resort to spacers under the front seat bolts. Another problem solver brought to us by George Barnes.


Re: Broken Seat Post

speaking of nice weather… coughcough*.

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what’s up with that e-mail thing? I didnt send it in but the way I normally do… so what happened?


how much did it cost to next day it?

For the seat post and the “Into the Thunder Dragon” DVD, it cost me like $31 to Next Day Air to Iowa.