broken seat bolt

I was moving my seat over from a conventional seatpost to a T7 seatpost this past weekend, and overtightened one of the nuts shearing the 10mm stud. I am somewhat handy, but do not consider upholstery one of my acquired skills, is there some way to replace the 10mm stud without taking the seat padding/cloth covering off? I’ll apologize now in case there are already instructions on here on how to do that. Thanks for your help.


Meatloaf sang two out of three ain’t bad … is this a case of three out of four ain’t bad?

I don’t think so. The head is too large to fit through the hole that the shaft goes through (yea I know). You’re going to have to take the cover off, and then take the foam off I’m afraid.

You shouldn’t have to completely remove the foam. Everything is already cut to fit, so you don’t have to be good with upholstery, I’m not. To repair mine I just popped the cover off, pulled the foam up a little, put the new bolt in, then reversed the steps.