Broken Seat Bolt Hole

I just got a new KH fusion free ride seat and found when I took the front handle off to put on my brake mount that one of the holes that the bolts screw into spins freely without the bolt tightening down fully.

How do I fix this?

I’ve got a KH t-bar on the way and have to take the seat off the post and brake back off anyway to install the support plate and t-bar mount.

Should I send the seat back or is this any easy thing to take care off?


I believe there have been some issues with the bolts in some Fusion saddles. You could try chatting to Kris to get it replaced. The other option is to take the saddle apart and just fix it yourself

You can take the seat apart, and fix this.

take the cover off, carefully peel the foam from the base, under the paper tape, you’ll find a nut that has been pushed out of it’s hole, seat the nut into the hole, put some duct tape across the base to hold the nut, put things back together, and your as good as new.

Just be sure not to push in on the bolts when you attach things. The nuts are easily pushed off the base.