broken seat and frame. Now I have some questions

Well my dx frame is cracked and my Kris holm gel saddle is bending. Now I was wondering if I would be tall enough to ride with the nimbus ll long neck frame on my unicycle. I have asked udc if it fits on a trials tire and they said yes. I would like to have that frame but I wanted to know if it would fit first. Next is what would be a good seat base to get to replace my old one. So can someone help me with chooseing a frame and seat base

your frame will be replaced by torker, the seat is history. the stiffener plate is more than likely broken. You can either get 2 new stiffener plates and weld them together or you can get a carbon fiber seatbase.

most people get the nimbus 2 frame, its freaking good.

I think I’m going to go with the one carbon fiber base from udc and put it on there. I also think I might buy the long neck nimbus 2 frame to see if I am tall enough and if I’m not I’ll try cutting it down a little because I want a long neck frame. After the frame finally breaks I think I’ll get the replacement from torker also

Isn’t the nimbus II frame a freestyle frame though?
And it sounds like you’re doing trials…I might be wrong, I’m not sure, just want to clarify.

can you just buy the stiffiner plates?

Standard nimbus 2 frame is a very strong muni/ trials frame.
I think the nimbus long neck may be a free style frame

The nimbus long neck is a freestyle frame but I asked udc and they said it would fit on a trials wheel set

I won’t believe it until I see it.

I’m going by what udc said but I don’t know I think I’m going to try it. Another thing is it’s the 2007 nimbus x frame not nimbus 2 frame

i dont know that you should try this. it only has a 22.2 mm seatpost instead of 25.whatever. It will break easier

plus it says minimal tire to frame clearance for freestyle tires. i dont think i would try a trials tire

if you’re getting a long neck, get this one, not this one.

is the nimbus II frame overly wide at the top of the tire area?

If I get a long neck frame I think I will get the one you said to get instaed of the one I was looking at. The one you said to get looks like it would be stronger plus it’s cheaper

I didn’t beat the edit time so I just made a new post. I was wondering if I got the “Gemcrest carbon fiber seat frame by: Roger Davis” seat frame from udc and I drilled the holes to fit the kris holm handle and bumper if in the future I could get a death grip handle and bumper and put on the same base

Hey, I was looking at getting that frame too. Could you tell me how it worked? Also do you think it would work for a KH wheelset?

yoru mixed up.

he should get the second one.

it’s stronger, nicer, and made better.

I can check if it fits on my trials wheel.

Looksie at this!
“Chrome plated chromoly steel Nimbus X frame with a long neck to keep the clamp up and out of the way. This means fewer leg/clamp scrapes. The frame has been specially widened to accomodate a large volume trials tyre. Specially machined bearing caps keep the wheel perfectly aligned.”

There is a Nimbus X frame especially for street (wide version of the frame)

Oh, thats from btw.

thats really cool.

I just tried putting the normal frame onto my trials wheel but of course, it didn’t fit. the clearance was ok but it wasn’t wide enough/

the one i said he should get has a 25.4 mm seat post. the second one has a 22mm seat post. the first one isn’t as well made as the second one for freestyle, which is a good thing, this means more tire clearence.

edit: holy crap! there’s a nimbus isis hub now?!

let me guess… you either ride freestyle on that or you are like 7 ft tall:D