Broken seat. Again.

I did it again. I broke another KH seat, the second one. Now, I don’t want to dish out the cash needed for a carbon fiber seat base. (Because I don’t have that kind of cash). I broke the stiffener plate, and tore through the plastic base (Nearly ripped the front part off the back part). What would be my best course of action? I can 1. Make my own seatbase out of polyester, and go to a local machine shop to get a slightly thicker stiffener plate. 2. Just get another KH seat, wait till I break that one, buy another one, etc. 3. Get a Miyata saddle and seatpost.

Have you read this thread: Another broken KH seat... but..

That might be your solution.

Also, are you breaking them by hopping or dropping. If it’s from hopping, you could learn seat out that way you wouldn’t kill the front of your saddle.

I think it’s a combination of pure wear and tear and the occasional drop landing in the wrong place of the seat. I actually do 90% of my trials seat out, so that shouldn’t be a problem. I think I might go with making a new stiffener plate, seeing as I already have a reinforced seat post (a little tab between the post and the plate).

I don’t get how you can afford ripping through so many seats but you don’t have enough for CF. You can buy a carbon fiber base for the price of 2 KH seats so if you think you will kill another one then it is kind of stupid not to get one because you will be spending alot more buying all these weak seats.

here is the thread with pictures of the mod mentioned above

I now have a new welder that makes much better looking welds than the ones in these pics.

Koop nou zo’n carbonplaat. Is echt de moeite waard

Ik weet het is niet goedkoop maar, eenmalige aanschaf en dat ding is gewoon niet kapot te krijgen. Ik zou dan eveneens een fusion zadelhoes erbij aanschaffen dat maakt het wat makkelijker. Anders moet je die “oude” hoes gaan vastplakken en die kan dan scheuren en geknoei en moeite en etc :angry: .
Het is wel een beetje passen en meten om die gaatjes netjes vierkant te vijlen op de juiste plaats. :thinking: Want anders past het handvat niet of het zit scheef. Maar daarna is het gewoon puur genieten.:smiley: Ik heb zelfs ongeveer één centimeter van het schuimrubber afgehaald! Hierdoor is het nog handelbaarder (seat out) met andere woorden niet zo’n dikke blok.
Als je van plan bent ( en dat is vanzelfsprekend) om nog wat langer te rijden kun je natuurlijk tig zadels kopen en iedere keer handvaten, schuimrubber, stootrand etc overhebben en weggooien of éénmalig zo’n carbonnetje kopen.
Groetjes Rob;)

I weet it is not cheap but, one-off purchase and that thing is not get simply. I then also fusion saddle cover buy make that it what easier. Differently you must will paste down that “old” cover and those can tear then and tampering and effort and etc. It is as much as a beetje treads and measures to file netjes those gaatjes vierkant at the correct place. Because differently the handle is not appropriate or sits crooked. But afterwards is it simply purely enjoy. I have taken away even approximately one centimetre of foam rubber! Because of this still more manageable (seat out) an in other words not such dikke block-system is. If you intend (and that is obvious) still what can longer drive you natural tig saddles to buy and every time hand barrels, foam rubber, stootrand etc to have left and throws away or one-off such carbonnetje to buy. Groetjes rob


yeah…my seat is busted too…just the stiffener plate ic completely thrashed and the seat is starting to crack…but ill ride it out unitil it unridealbe at all. then ill buy my cf seat base cuz then ill have enough money.

Guess I’ll try that. Might make it a combination of techniques though, little bit thicker stiffener plate and a carbon seat base, and anything else I can think of to make it better. I’ve actually just ridden with another seat I stole off my little brother’s unicycle, and turns out my stiffener plate has been broken for about as long as it’s been on my unicycle. His seat was at least three times as stiff as mine ever was. I never pay much attention, as I’m a purely SIF rider. Which reminds me, hope to ride with you 'n Frank someday Rob, I need some fellow trial-riders to ride with. :slight_smile:

You could offset the cost of a carbon fiber seat base by selling the foam and seat cover from one of your broken KH saddles. I just recently bought a KH Fusion just for the foam and seat cover. I had a carbon fiber base and was using an air seat setup. I decided I wanted to try a foam setup and the easiest way to get the KH foam is to buy a KH Fusion. So I suspect that there are probably other carbon fiber seat base owners out there looking for good foam to add to their seat.

The carbon fiber bases are the best thing in seat technology for people doing muni, trials, or Coker hill climbing. It sure beats breaking seats and having a stiff seat makes a big difference when you’re pulling up on the handle for climbing.

I was wondering, does a carbon fibre seat base still need a stiffener plate? (I’m guessing yes). Think I’ll make one out of 2mm steel then.

Come 2 the south and we’ll arange a tour

Nee, je hebt geen …
Sorry i thought you speak/write dutch as well as english. So i’ll proceed in a language that’s easier for the most.
No, you don’t need a stiffener plate. The carbon itself is enough. If you look closer you will find some kind of pits which suggest the place to drill the holes, but check with youre bumpers first!!
Alkmaar is quite some distant from the south of limbabwe. But you’re invited to our anual Unicycle in the Dutch Mountains. So i’ll see you than.

Yeah, I’m dutch, but seeing as this is an english forum, I find english to be a more appropriate language. I will be going to UITDM, if my exam schedule allows it. Hope to see a nice lengthy trial course there, I need a change of scenery, the local spots are beginning to grow old. (I went to a biketrial compo a while ago with Owen though, that was very refreshing, I almost beat one of the biketrialers. I’d have beaten a few more if it wasn’t for the terrain, which was extremely unsuited to unicycles, originally being a motortrial terrain and thus extremely muddy and loose.)

He so stole my saddle, and I’m not your little brother, im bigger 'n badder than jooo!! :<

Oh je kent Owen, nou dat scheelt.
Zijn er trouwens nog pics van dat gebeuren toen gemaakt?
Wat betreft het trialparcour: mocht het niet voldoende blijken dan biedt de stadstrial nog legio mogelijkheden. Als alles naar wens verloopt hebben we bovendien een primeur in Nederland!
So keep your fingers crossed.

Ow ja nog iets. Je kunt natuurlijk altijd nog gebruik maken van ons nederlandstalig forum!!!:slight_smile: