Broken saddle, what should i replace it with

well, I broke my Qu ax saddle after about 8 months of use and am wondering what to get as a replacement. I ride trials mostly.
The KH Fusion Saddle sounds alright: KH fusion saddle

im wondering if
a) is the stiffener plate carbon fibre (i cant make it out in the pic)
b) is the saddle thick and chunky, im looking for something that isn’t too thick.

Im leaning towards a CF plate because buying another seat and having it break after 9 months isnt really that appealing.
Price range… well, it costs what it costs, i want something that will last
If this doesn’t sound right, please make some suggestions

Ps. the 4 bolts that hold the saddle to the seat post, do all saddles follow the same format, as in, a KH seat fitting onto my quax seatpost?

The break

im also looking into getting a KH seat that is laced up, rather than stapled to the seat, because about 3 weeks ago, alot of the staples on my current saddle started to fail

I broke my qu-ax saddle and replaced it with a KH street( a lot better saddle). Then When the stiffener broke on that I replaced the base with cf. The nice thing about the kh saddle is it has a removable cover so you can upgrade it easily.

i’ve decided on the kh fusion street gel
thanks guys