Broken saddle. Need new one urgently.

I wouldn’t have posted this here, in this section of the forum, but I need quick responses and I think people check this section most!

I snapped my saddle and I need to buy a new one. I want to order it tomorrow so I could do with fast responses. I was looking to buy the Nimbus gel saddle. I don’t really want to spend too much but I also don’t want a crappy saddle! I’ve heard that the Nimbus saddles are just like the KH saddles which are meant to be really good.
Anybody have any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

I’m not 100% on this, but the general idea that comes across to me with the nimbus vs KH is that they are both pretty much the same, but the KH comes with a removable cover. I have a KH fusion street and a freeride, but haven’t tried Nimbus. But with what I have, I am very satisfied with.

KH and Nimbus saddles are made from the same molds, and have the same bases, bumpers and handles. The KH saddles have removable covers. The KH freeride is grooved and more comfortable for extended periods of saddle time. I’m not sure how different the KH Street is from the Nimbus Gel other than the removable cover.

The foam on the nimbus seat is more curved, whereas on the KH street seat it’s more flat giving you more freedon to move around in it.

Cheers guys. I think I’ll go with the slightly flatter seat to alow for more room whilst riding street/trials.